September is National Preparedness Month 2016


September is the month to ready yourself for any unforeseen events. Put together a survival kit for a flood or earthquake. Map escape routes from your home in the event of a fire. Stock your vehicle with a shovel and blankets for winter. Put together a first aid and disease prevention kit to take with on trips or simply keep around. Taking the time to prepare for various kinds of emergencies can make the difference in safety and survival. “Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today” is the slogan for this years campaign. It serves as a reminder that preparedness is the best protection. Youth, elderly, and those with disabilities or accessibility issues should pay special attention to National Preparedness Month (NPM). Certain accommodations may need to be made to ensure safety and planning ahead will save time and maybe even your life.

Each week of the month has a theme and special method of helping to prepare for any emergency.

Promote NPM: August 28- September 3, Kickoff to National Preparedness Month

Week 2: September 4-10, Make a family emergency communication plan.

Week 3: September 11-17, Honor 9/11 by getting involved in your community and planning with neighbors.

Week 4: September 18-24, Take individual steps to prepare for a disaster today like downloading the FEMA app.

Week 5: September 25-30, Be counted and register your preparedness event for National PrepareAthon Day!

For more preparedness resources visit the link below.


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