Spring Registration Begins October 17th


Registration for Spring Semester classes began on October 17th. If you have met with your advisor and are ready to go for registering, great! If you have not met or contacted your advisor for advising, please do so!

It is so important to meet with your advisor as they will guide you through the right path! Together you may look at your DARs to check your progress and create your schedule for next semester. It is also important to meet with your advisor because they have your access code! Students cannot register for classes without their access code.

Also, don’t forget to check your registration window on eServices! It is ideal for all students to get registered for their classes as soon as they are able before the spots fill up. If you have any questions about the advising process, contact your advisor! They are here to help you.

RN to BSN Application Deadline has been Extended!


MSUM’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership has extended it’s application deadline for Spring 2017 admission!! The new due date is November 1st. This means there is plenty of time to start the application or finish one up.

This program is completely online and most students finish in 2 years! If you already have or are currently working on getting your RN license you are eligible. For general program information click here or contact the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at 218-477-2693. If you are ready to get started the first step is to apply to Minnesota State University Moorhead. To do that click here and you will be taken to the MSUM Admissions Office page. Next, apply to the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership RN to BSN Program. The application can be found here. General program information, a sample advising record, and links to information about financial aid and scholarships can be found by visiting  MSUM’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership website.

Apply today for a Spring 2017 start in MSUM’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership RN to BSN Program. The application deadline has been extended to November 1st!

RN to BSN Applications Due the 15th of October

Applications for the Spring 2017 RN to BSN Program are due on October 15th.

To begin, students need to apply to Minnesota State University Moorhead, and then apply to the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership.

Applicants to this program must be a licensed RN or eligible for licensure by the time the program starts. In order to be considered for the RN to BSN program, a 2.75 or higher  overall GPA is required.

The following link gives more information about the RN to BSN application and admission process: https://www.mnstate.edu/snhl/bsnadmission.aspx

Another great resource for more information is provided by Dr. Barbara Mathees, Chair of the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership. In this video, she will provide answers to frequently asked questions.


Feel free to contact the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership for any additional questions by calling (218)-477-2693, or email nursing@mnstate.edu or snhlsa@mnstate.edu.


Emergency Nurses Day is October 12th!

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Multitasking ability; ability to stay calm during chaos; ability to think fast and on your feet; good personal coping skills; and good observation, assessment, and prioritization skills are just some of the many characteristics that emergency nurses may have! Currently, there are about 180,00 emergency  nurses who are trained to solve problems on the spot in order to save lives. Areas that these nurses may practice include hospital emergency departments, emergent care centers, EMS, poison control centers, crisis intervention centers, and research institutions.

Being an emergency nurse is a big responsibility! That is why these nurses deserve a day to celebrate their profession. This year, Emergency Nurses Day is on Wednesday, October 12th. One way to celebrate this day is to thank an emergency nurse! You can also share stories about how an emergency nurse impacted your life. Wearing purple on this day is another way to celebrate! Whatever it is you do, always remember that these nurses are always there waiting for when we need them!



MSUM Homecoming 2016!


October 2nd through the 9th is MSUM Homecoming! The fun kicked off early in the week and does not stop!

Monday was the community block party, Homecoming Pep Rally, and the announcement of this year’s Homecoming Court!

Tuesday turned it up with Dancing Dragons and Battleship H2O in Nemzek!

Wednesday kept it cool with Torch’s Ice Cream Palooza, a thank you party for Dr. Andrew Conteh, and Heir Apparent in the Weld Auditorium in the evening.

Thursday was the Dean’s Chili Feed showdown and Distinguished Alumni Celebration. In the evening everyone was mesmerized by Hypnotist Frederick Winters.

Today kicked of early with the Fun Run and a French Toast Feed to follow. Dragon Athletics will host the Hall of Fame Dinner in the evening. Dragon Volleyball will host Bemidji State at 7:00pm. The theme of this game is Fitness and Sustainability Night with the help of campus Wellness Educators. Coronation of Homecoming King and Queen will happen after as will the Roller Rave in Nemzek!

Saturday is a big day for MSUM and Dragon Athletics! The Parade starts at 2:00 following a route around campus. The Dragon Zone Tailgate begins at 2:30 with inflatable games, food, a photo booth, and bag toss! Dragon Volleyball kicks off the first round of the #FiredUp Fan Zone App Residence Hall Battle at 3:00. The Dragon Swim Alumni Meet starts at 4:00 and kick-off for the Homecoming Dragons Football game will be at 6:00. The Res Hall Battle lasts through all three as does the Homecoming spirit and Dragon Pride! Fireworks follow the football game and a S’more roast is open to all post fireworks.

Soccer Sunday for Homecoming! Dragon Soccer takes on the Bemidji State Beavers at 1:00! A bean bag toss tourney will take place before hand, starting at 11:00.

Be sure to check out some of the awesome events and excitement going on for Homecoming 2016! Its time to #AwakeTheDragon!



Sport Purple for Platelets Day


Autoimmune diseases occur when the body attacks normal, healthy parts of the body. One type of autoimmune disease is immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). A person is diagnosed with ITP if their platelet count is lower than 100,000/microliter of blood and has no other reasons for low counts. Normal platelet counts range from 150,000-400,000/microliter of blood. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting which is important when we get cuts or other circulatory system trauma. Low platelet levels cause bleeding conditions including spontaneous bruising, tiny red dots on skin, and, in women, strong menses. More severe conditions are blood blisters in mouth and bleeding in the brain. ITP is usually the general diagnosis with low platelets, but there are over 200 main diagnoses, called secondary ITP.

There is no specific cause of ITP, and it can vary among individuals, but there are several treatment options. Each treatment option works differently on each individual and they also depend of the severity of the condition. Some of these treatments include antibiotics, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, platelet growth factors, and transfusions.

Transfusions are a common treatment option, but they cannot happen without platelet donations! Platelets are needed every 30 seconds for patients, and platelets must be used within 5 days. That is why is is important to encourage platelet donations as often as possible. You can donate platelets 24 times as the process is very different than donating blood. Each platelet donation can allow transfusions for 2-3 patients! In order to donate platelets, you must make an appointment. Donating platelets takes up to 3 hours (including health history and setting up equipment), but the chances of feeling sluggish afterwards is very slim (and it uses a smaller needle than the ones used for normal blood donations!). The closest location to donate platelets is located at United Blood Services in Fargo, ND. If you have questions or wish to make an appointment to donate, call United Blood Services at (800) 917-4929. Another thing to consider is that there are plenty of people who are unable to donate any blood due to their own autoimmune disorders, other health conditions. If you are unable to donate platelets, or if needles just aren’t your thing, you can make a monetary donation to support research and awareness by clicking on the following link.






World Heart Day 2016 is September 29!


Each year, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is responsible for 17.5 million deaths, making it the number one cause of death. No wonder the World Heart Federation came together to create their World Heart Day platform! The main idea is to “Power Your Life.” There are four parts to this idea:

  1. Know your risk. It is important to know your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Knowing these will give you and your doctor the information you need in order to create a plan to have a healthy heart.
  2. Fuel your heart. Sometimes just a couple diet changes can work tremendously in improving heart health. Limiting prepackaged foods, alcohol, and sugar will make a big difference. It is also important to incorporate fruits and vegetable into your meal every day.
  3. Move your heart. Aerobic, strengthening, and stretching exercises are all recommended for good heart health. 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five times a week is the preferred amount of exercise.
  4. Love your heart. One of the best things to do for good heart health is to avoid smoking. Benefits of quitting smoking begin the second you stop!

This link provides great information about heart health and awareness!


Image Source: http://www.yogadayquotes.com/world-heart-day-2015-poster-wallpapers-for-facebook-whatsapp-87