Finals are Here!


It’s that time of year where all of your hard work and effort throughout the semester are put to the test! This year, Study Day is Wednesday, December 7th with final exams beginning on December 8th.

Some study tips include:

  • Time Management: Don’t try to cram all of the information in at once. Space it out!
  • Focus: It can be hard to study when there are several distractions. Do your best to avoid them! If social media distracts you, put the phone out of sight. If noise is distracting, move your study spot to a quiet place.
  • Get Sleep: Pulling an all-nighter may sound great for reading through your classwork, but a lack of sleep does not allow your brain to retain information as efficiently. Lack of sleep also decreases your alertness and cognitive abilities. Even a short nap or two during the day can be beneficial.
  • Take Breaks: Taking breaks allows for your brain to process the information you just learned. Studying for a long period of time results in your brain only being able to process what you learned in the beginning and end of your study time.

Also note that the Livingston Lord Library hours change during finals:

Wed., December 7th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Thurs., December 8th 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Fri., December 9th 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Sat., December 10th Closed
Sun. December 11th 1:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Mon., December 12th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m
Tue., December 13th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m
Wed., December 14th 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

If you are unaware of your finals schedule, take a look here to find your class time and find your test day:

Regular Class Time Exam Date Exam Time
9:00 am T H Thursday-December 8 9:00 am
11:00 am MWF Thursday-December 8 11:30 am
12:00 pm MWF Thursday-December 8 2:00 pm
8:00 am MWF Friday-December 9 9:00 am
1:30 pm TH Friday-December 9 11:30 am
2:00 pm MWF Friday-December 9 2:00 pm
9:00 am MWF Monday-December 12 9:00 am
10:30 am TH Monday-December 12 11:30 am
12:00 pm T H Monday-December 12 2:00 pm
7:30 am T H Tuesday-December 13 9:00 am
1:30 pm MWF Tuesday-December 13 11:30 am
3:00 pm MWF Tuesday-December 13 2:00 pm
10:00 am MWF Wednesday-December 14 9:00 am
1:00 pm MWF Wednesday-December 14 11:30 am
3:00 pm TH Wednesday-December 14 2:00 pm

Classes meeting at 4:30 pm or later will give final exams during finals week at the regularly scheduled day and class time.

The Comstock Memorial Union is putting on the event Movie Night-In the Afternoon on Study Day at 3pm and 6pm in Langseth Auditorium (Room 104). Practice the Take a Break study tip from above and enjoy a movie with free popcorn!

Good Luck and study hard!



Jingle Bell 5K for arthritis


This winter help take a stand against arthritis by running a 5K. Or walking if running isn’t quite your speed. The Jingle Bell Run is hosted every year by the Arthritis Foundation to help raise funds for arthritis research. Last year they raised over $4 million from runners that fund-raised and were sponsored. Where ever you are there is an event near you that you can be active in with there being over 100 sponsored events in the upcoming weeks. The run in Fargo is scheduled to happen tomorrow, December 3rd. Wear jingle bells or holiday themed outfits to add to the fun!

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the country with it affecting over 50 million Americans, roughly 1 in 5 adults. Arthritis is a blanket term that refers to over 100 different joint pains or diseases. Some common symptoms that are shared between them are swelling, pain, stiffness and a decrease in the range of movement. Some common visible symptoms are knobby finger joints, but other damage can only be seen on an X-ray. Arthritis can affect different parts of the body besides your joints; the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys and skin are all at risk.

Most people don’t think they have arthritis, they believe it is a later life disease so they deny the symptoms they are displaying. It is true that more than half of the people over the age of 65 have some form of arthritis, but what they don’t know is that 2/3 of all people diagnosed with arthritis are under 65. Over 300,000 kids under 18 have some form of arthritis, which further shows that it can afflict anyone at any time. While arthritis can be tricky to diagnose, if you are experiencing joint pain and even have the suspicion that you might be afflicted, contact your doctor.

There are several things that you can do to reduce your risk of developing a form of arthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight decreases you chance of developing Osteoarthritis. Eating a healthy diet that’s low in sugar and alcohol significantly decreases the chance of gout, a dietary form of arthritis. Not smoking helps reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis, there is a chance that the money that is donated at one of these runs could be what is needed for a breakthrough.


RN to BSN Capstone Project Presentations Schedule WebEx


RN to BSN Students develop a practice improvement project as their Capstones. These short (20 minute) presentations will be available as shown in the following link. Please take a look at the broad range: ER to prenatal to hand hygiene to fall prevention in long term care, and beyond!


There are three different WebEx links (one each day) and no reservation or password is required. Please come, listen, and support these soon-to-be graduates!

For questions, please contact Barbara Matthees: 218-477-2695 or ‘’





Dragon Athletics


Most of the Dragons sports teams have had a good season so far. Our Men’s basketball team had a close game with a score of 93-92 against Northern State last Saturday. The Tuesday before that, they played the Concordia cobbers. That was another win for MSUM with a score of 107-74. So far our team is 5 for 6 having only lost to Southern Nazarene University. There are still 22 of opportunities to watch them play. Their next game will be this Friday at 8 pm in Nemzek Hall against University of Mary.

Our football team finished the season off with a win of 48-33 against Northern state. They had a good season with 7 wins out of 11 games. Their season is over now, but make sure to join them again next year to cheer them on.

The dragons wrestling team has started their season off on the right foot. They are 1 for 2, having lost against Concordia. Their next tournament will be this upcoming Sunday at Nemzek hall, starting at 9 am. There are still 10 tournaments to go to afterwards to cheer on before Regions.

Our Women’s basketball team has started their season off well. They won their last match against Northern State 51-44. They are currently 4 for 5 games. Their next game will be this Friday at 6 pm in Nemzek hall. If you cannot make it to that game, there are still 20 other matches to go to.

Our Women’s Volleyball team started the season off well, but started a losing streak soon after. They unfortunately lost their last 3 games, all with close scores. They managed to finish their season 10 wins out of 28 matches.

Be sure to continue supporting dragon athletics and go to the spring sports. Men’s and Women’s Track and Field will be starting up along with soccer and golf.


Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day


Black Friday is considered a starting point of holiday shopping. Through the chaos of crowded streets and stores, you may think it is the busiest shopping day of the year! Did you know that it really isn’t? The Saturday before Christmas Day, called Super Saturday, is actually the busiest day with those last minute shoppers! Many retailers also have their best deals in the days leading up to Christmas Day, although options may be limited due to retailers trying to clean out inventory. Another interesting thing about Black Friday is that the presence of in-store customers may start to decline thanks to on-line shopping, good deals that are on-going throughout the holiday season, and the unwillingness of customers engaging in the zoo-like atmosphere. Those who don’t participate in any Black Friday shopping may be doing themselves a favor! Many consumers who participate in Black Friday shopping spend over 50% of their initial budget!

Thankfully for those who do not wish to participate in Black Friday, there is something else to take part in: Buy Nothing Day! This special event is the same day as Black Friday, but instead of buying things, you simply buy nothing and save 100% of your money. It originally began as a protest against the problem of over-consumption.  It is also a day to promote shopping locally rather than putting money into the big box stores.

Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day each have their own pros and cons. Plus, everyone’s budget and shopping list is different, and some items really do have their best deals of the year on Black Friday. It is definitely a personal preference. What event will you be participating in this year?



Fall Break


Tomorrow you can sleep in and give yourself a while to rest before you go and see your family. MSUM will be closed November 23rd-25th for the Fall Break. Classes will resume after the long weekend on the 28th.

Here are some fun facts to read about while you go into a food coma:

  • Thanksgiving isn’t only celebrated in America, Canada also holds this holiday, they just have a different idea of when to hold it. They celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October while America has it set for the fourth Thursday of November, this year being the 24th.
  • White turkey meat has fewer calories than dark meat.
  • Sing “Mary had a little lamb” while you eat with everyone this year. Sarah Josepha Hale was the one who convinced Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a holiday. She is also known for having written that well-known nursery rhyme.
  • Almost every year since 1987,the current president has “pardoned” a turkey and it has been sent to a farm to die from old age, not consumption. But before it can have the good life, it has to be in the Thanksgiving parade either at Disneyland or Disney world.
  • The turkeys you eat on Thanksgiving are male turkeys, called Toms. Another fun fact is is that they have been bred to have such large breasts that it is almost impossible for them to reproduce without the help of artificial insemination.
  • Turduckens are new popular dish that is catching on from the smart people of Louisiana. A Turducken is a turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck stuffed with de-boned chicken. It usually is just breading from there, but sometimes other birds find their way into the mix also.



Walk a Mile in Her Shoes November 20th


Join the Dragon Entertainment Group this Sunday in the Comstock Memorial Union at 3 pm. They will be hosting the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. This is a world wide event and MSUM is hosting a walk here on campus.  Those that participate will be given a pair of high heels and will attempt to walk a mile. This symbolic event is held to help raise awareness for rape, sexual assault and gender discrimination.

The first walk was held in 2001 with a few men and has since grown to tens of thousands of men walking the walk and talking the talk to help end gendered violence around the world. Any donations that are received at one of the events will be given to local rape and violence shelters and centers. Every year this event raises millions of dollars around the world to give to these shelters.

Here is what they are trying to end: Every 2 minutes, someone in America is raped. Every 8 minutes, that person is a child. Of the perpetrators, only .6% will receive any amount of jail time for their crime. The creator of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Frank Baird, hopes that by hosting these walks attention will be drawn to the problem and things will change.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes homepage