Study Day!


Finals can be the scariest time during anyone’s college career. However, on this day many students at MSUM struggle to get the courage to study for finals; you are not alone. Below you will find eight tips to help you get ready for finals and have a great and productive day.

Keep energy levels high

Make sure you not only get plenty of sleep the night before finals, but that you also get plenty of sleep the night before a big study day. If you did not get enough sleep last night take an hour nap. Naps will help you wake up, be focused, and stay concentrated.

50-10 Rule

This rule may not be known as well as getting enough sleep at night, but it is just as important. When you are studying try and work for 50 minutes and leave the last 10 minutes for a break or just to sit and clear your head. If this is done, it will help keep your stamina up so that you can study longer.

Make a Calendar

An organized schedule on study day is essential. If everything is laid out neatly it prevents stress and allows you to see what subjects take priority over the others for a very beneficial and relaxed study day.

Get Yourself Familiar with Test Structure

It is crucial to know what structure a final exam will be. If an exam is open-ended you may need to study more detail-oriented as opposed to a multiple choice test. Both require good amounts of studying, however by knowing what the test structure is that will allow you to make flashcards or pseudo tests for yourself in order to be as prepared as possible.

Exercise and Eat Right

Exercising and eating right are some of the best things you can do while studying because it keeps you energized, focused, and improves your ability to perform cognitive tasks.


While studying for tests is essential, relaxing also plays a big role in your performance on a test. Relaxing helps keep your stress levels low and allows you to study longer. Giving yourself a break from a long study session could consist of: watching a television show, listening to music, exercising, reading a book, or taking a nap.

Just Do It

Do not wait to study, just do it. Procrastinating is one of the worst things you could do on study day and before finals because the amount of material that you have to cover is probably what you have been learning all semester. So getting a head start on those subjects will keep you relaxed and ready to conquer finals week.

Form a Study Group

The benefits to studying in a group are that you can learn material better. “Two minds think better than one ” as the saying goes, and that is true for studying for finals. By studying in a group you are not only learning from others, but you can teach others material too. Teaching someone how to do something is a great study skill because it helps ingrain that material in your head so you will be more likely to remember it for finals.

Finals Schedule

Regular Class Time Exam Date Exam Time
10:00 am MWF May 5 – Thursday 9:00 am
1:00 pm MWF May 5 – Thursday 11:30 am
3:00 pm T H May 5 – Thursday 2:00 pm
9:00 am T H May 6 – Friday 9:00 am
11:00 am MWF May 6 – Friday 11:30 am
12:00 pm MWF May 6 – Friday 2:00 pm
8:00 am MWF May 9 – Monday 9:00 am
1:30 pm T H May 9 – Monday 11:30 am
2:00 pm MWF May 9 – Monday 2:00 pm
9:00 am MWF May 10 – Tuesday 9:00 am
10:30 am T H May 10 – Tuesday 11:30 am
12:00 pm T H May 10 – Tuesday 2:00 pm
7:30 am T H May 11 – Wednesday 9:00 am
1:30 pm MWF May 11 – Wednesday 11:30 am
3:00 pm MWF May 11 – Wednesday 2:00 pm

Classes meeting at 4:30 pm or later will give final exams during finals week at the regularly scheduled day and class time.

Good luck and study hard!

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10 Study Tips for Final Exams



National Teachers Appreciation Week!

2016 TAW Flier 2

Teachers have been our mentors, elders, and friends since we were toddlers eating glue. There are a few special reasons why you should thank a teacher this week.

  1. Teachers have to constantly shape and fine tune their teaching styles. Since every child learns differently, teachers have to do extra work to cater to every single learning style. Those include: visual, auditory, read-write, and kin esthetic.
  2. Teachers inspire. What teachers teach students throughout their primary, elementary, and high school years can lead to a student choosing a specific career field. Teachers that inspire students to go into certain fields are the catalysts to creating the most intelligent minds of our generation.
  3. Many teachers work out of the classroom. For a teacher, work does not stop just because a school day ends. A lot of teachers spend hours at home grading, preparing lessons, and researching better ways to teach.
  4. Teachers work with many students at a time and are constantly having to teach things over and over again as needed for children like new students or students with different learning types.
  5. Many teachers set up time for extra help. Some teachers have time set aside for students who need homework help during their office hours, but a lot of them stay after school as well. This extra dedication is why we need to thank our teachers.
  6. We have learned all of our basic skills from our teachers. From reading to writing to math, our fundamentals were given to us by our teachers.

All of these reasons are why every student needs to thank a teacher this week. However, this list is very short in comparison to all that teachers truly do for us. So think about a time a specific teacher in your life helped and inspired you and reach out to them and send them a special thank you. After all, it is Teacher Appreciation Week!


Arbor Day!

Arbor Day

Did you know that Arbor Day started because trees were needed as windbreaks to keep soil in place? This holiday can be traced all the way back to January 4th, 1872 in Nebraska. On this day there were prizes handed out to cities that were able to plant the biggest amount of trees. Schools would have each student plant one tree and for the rest of the year that grade was responsible for those trees. This base of community support for trees is why Arbor Day is so famous. It is important in our ecosystem to have an abundance of trees to stay alive so this day is extremely significant.

How can you get involved?

  • Organize a tree planting project
  • Check to see if your local community center is hosting any special events
  •  Have a big tree/oldest tree treasure hunt in your community
  • Share Arbor Day posts on Social Media to spread awareness
  • Read a book about trees to get informed
  • Clean up areas around the trees in your community

How Do I Plant a Tree?

  • Find a good planting spot; make sure the soil is good and water can easily access this location
  • Pick the right species of tree for the location you are in
  • Look up planting instructions based on the root of your tree; the three types are bare root, containerized, and balled and burlapped


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Pay it Forward!


Today do a good deed without expecting anything in return. That is paying it forward. These kind acts can be as easy as holding a door, paying for someone else’s cup of coffee, or simply smiling at a person you pass on the street. These thoughtful actions can truly change someone’s day.

In 2007, Pay it Forward Day was founded by Blake Beattie in Australia. The following year already 5 different countries were involved in the movement! In 2015 the numbers were up to 75 countries involved with 42 different states and 48 cities! These numbers are expected to keep growing as the initiative gains more and more attention each year.

This is bound to be an exciting day filled with kindness and care. You can also participate in the initiative by volunteering at your local food shelf, donating to a charity, or planning a special outing with a relative or friend. The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference. Not only is this good for one day, but it’s a good thing to practice all year round, so don’t forget to pay it forward!



Spring 2016 Commencement and Open House


Come celebrate with the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership to honor our graduates. The Graduation Celebration will be held on Friday, May 13th from 11:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m. in Lommen room 104. This event is open to graduates from our programs, current students, and their guests.

Please email to RSVP for the event by May 6th or if there are any additional questions regarding the event.

The graduation ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 13th and line-up will start at 1:00 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

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RN to BSN Capstone Presentations!


The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership would like to invite everyone to watch our RN-BSN Capstone Presentations! These presentations are put together by RN to BSN students who are taking Nursing 473: Professional Pathways, which is taught by Barbara Matthees PhD, RN, CNE and Alicia Swanson, MSN, RN, PHN. Presentations started on the 22nd of April and conclude on the 27th. All of the presentations are able to be viewed online by following the links provided below. Below you will also find a schedule for the day that lists all presentations, their tittles, times, and the presenter. Students have been working hard on these presentations for quite some time and your support is greatly appreciated!

April 27, 2016 12-7:30pm

Kari Solberg: 12-12:30pm: Discharge Educational Videos in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Danielle Cerwinske: 12:30-1pm: Reducing ICU Delirium

Nathaniel Wilson-Grady: 1-1:30pm: Improving Timely Pain Reassessment through Education and Peer Coaching

Denise Foss-Baker: 1:30-2pm: Fetal Demise Orientation

LuAnne Johnson: 2-2:30pm: Development and Implementation of a Head Injury Protocol for Schools

Ashley Altstadt: 2:30-3pm: Increase Successful Breastfeeding with New Mothers

Alison Lesteberg: 3-3:30pm: SMART Goals inthe Medical Home

Angela Cordner: 3:30-4pm: Improving the Float Process

4:4:30pm: Break

Amanda Turner: 4:30-5pm: Fluid Balance Documentation

Kayla Hertenstein: 5-5:30pm: Decision Tree in Jail Health

Crystal Holloway: 5:30-6pm: Holistic Based Interventions to Manage Negative Behaviors

Sarah Thacker: 6-6:30pm: Timely Initiation of Hospice

Briana Janssen: 6:30-7pm: Improving Patient Experience in Pediatric Cardiology

Rebecca Kjolberg: 7-7:30pm: Decreasing Readmissions in Mental Healthcare

Link to Presentations:



Earth Day: Trees for the Earth



earth day


Today is Earth Day and it is celebrated every single year in honor of trying to save the planet that gives us life. The theme this year is “Trees for the Earth”. In celebration of this day here are a few reasons why we need as many trees as possible:

More Carbon Dioxide Storage: The trees that are older are the ones that help store more carbon dioxide in the air. They do this by taking the carbon dioxide and storing it as wood fiber. The benefit of the trees is not just that they help minimize the carbon dioxide in the air (helping with less air pollution), but they can convert the carbon dioxide into water and oxygen and send it back out into the atmosphere.

More Jobs: Trees are cut down every year and used for various things: houses, paper, and firewood. Despite the benefits that trees provide themselves, they are also great for the economy. There are many jobs that rely on trees. If we were unable to cut any trees down our economic structure would be greatly impacted and many jobs lost. The trees are good for the economy but that does not mean that every tree should be cut down.

Water Storage: Like previously explained, trees can store a ton of water. The benefit that this creates is not just that trees release the water back into the atmosphere, but that trees can help during flood season! So when a city is experiencing drastic flooding, the trees are there to help. Instead of the water going into rivers, down hills, or directly into the town, the trees catch a lot of that water, thus minimizing flood damage.

The above are just a few of the benefits that trees provide but how can you help?

Here are a few ways that you can help plant trees:

  • Plant a Tree! It’s that simple, go out into your yard and give it life with a tree.
  • Start a petition to save trees in your city.
  • If a tree is being removed, ask why and then see if there are any tree protection laws that can save it.
  • Ask if the tree can be replanted elsewhere or in a wildlife habitat.
  • Make a donation to an organization that helps save or plant trees.
  • Tell everyone that trees are important and share the reasons why we need to keep the trees and plant even more!


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/2013/07/treebenefits.html, and




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