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Influenza Immunization


Click on the link below to watch a video from Dr. Barbara Matthees, our SNHL department chair, on why the flu vaccine is required for our students and why she believes the vaccine is so important.

Not only does MSUM’s School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership require their students to obtain the influenza vaccination annually, but so do many health agencies. Below are details that Sanford Health has released to their staff explaining the need for immunization.

1.    Why has Sanford decided to institute mandatory influenza immunization for all of its employees this year?

  • Influenza frequently circulates and is spread in health care settings. Employees and healthcare workers are the obvious means by which influenza reaches patients.
  • Influenza immunization in health care workers has been increasingly shown to be an important way to protect our sick and vulnerable patients from contracting influenza.  Several studies have documented decreased mortality rates for patients in some health care settings by more aggressive immunization of the workers who care for them.
  • Experts believe that to protect the most vulnerable around us we must achieve immunization rates greater than 90 percent of the group to stop or interrupt the circulation of the virus.
  • Despite past widespread availability and promotion of the vaccine, health care worker immunization rates have remained mediocre, with typically 60-70 percent of employees complying. Many institutions have gone to mandating vaccination as a condition of employment, and multiple authoritative health organizations have all strongly advocated for mandatory HCW immunization against influenza.

2.     I don’t get sick, why do I need to be immunized?

  • Influenza causes a spectrum of illness that ranges from no symptoms at all to severe respiratory illness. Many people with influenza may only have the symptoms of a cold. This often doesn’t stop them from going to work, but certainly allows them to unwittingly spread the virus. In a study of health care workers at the end of the flu season, laboratory testing showed that about one fourth of them had been infected with influenza that season, yet almost 60 percent could not recall any flu-like illness, and 28 percent could not recall even milder respiratory illness. These people become silent-spreaders of the virus to those around them.
  • Persons with influenza may “shed” the virus to others around them for up to a week.

 3.    I don’t believe the vaccine works. I got vaccinated last year, and I still got sick.

  • There are many reasons why someone might still get sick despite immunization. These include: a) exposure to the virus before the vaccine has had a chance to work; b) exposure to a respiratory virus other than influenza which may produce symptoms identical to influenza; c) infection with an influenza virus strain not covered in the vaccine that season; and d) a person did not mount a good immune response to the vaccine.
  • Despite the above limitations, many studies clearly document the benefits of immunization for workers, including nearly cutting in half the number of sick days and doctor’s visits by employees, and almost an 80 percent reduction in laboratory confirmed influenza.

Thank you to Sanford Health for this information!


Still not convinced? Watch this video and read more about getting vaccinated!


International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Starting November 25th, through December 10th is considered the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. This campaign is an action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

Violence against women is considered a human rights violation. Up to 70 percent of women experience violence in their lifetime. Women ages 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than they are from car accidents, cancer, war, and malaria.

However violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and it is essential that we take actions towards it. The consequences of violence can last through many generations.

What can you do to help? Visit:

violence against women–november-25th–international-day-for-the-elimination-of-violence-against-women-

Admission Deadline for Fall 2015 RN to BSN Program


Just a reminder that the admission deadline for fall semester is March 15!

 To view the admission criteria, requirements, and procedure visit:

If you need help on how to upload your documents check out this video on our website:

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at: 218-477-2693 or email us at


Welcome New Admits for the 2015 Spring RN to BSN Program!


The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership would like to welcome our new admits for the 2015 spring RN to BSN program!


We would like to provide a few helpful links that may make things a little bit easier in the chaos 🙂

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If you have any questions or need more assistance please email:

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National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week

h&H week

National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week is November 15-23, 2014.

It is held each year the week before Thanksgiving. Not only is it just in time to be thankful, but to help those that are experiencing hunger and homelessness by bringing awareness to our local, state, and national communities.

Learn more and join the support through social media at:


Help the National Coalition for the Homeless reach their goal of 250 supporters!!

What else can you do??
Create an event!
Or find one near you!


H & H Awareness Week is a great chance to take action in your community. Hunger and homelessness impacts every town, big or small.

Be a part of the movement this year!

Xi Kappa Induction Ceremony, November 1, 2014

News Release


Xi Kappa-at-Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing held its annual Induction Ceremony in conjunction with its 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 1, 2014.

The induction recognizes nursing students and community nurse leaders who have demonstrated achievements in nursing, leadership qualities and high professional standards.

Inductees consisted of graduate and undergraduate students from the following colleges: Concordia College, University of Jamestown, Moorhead State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University, and North Dakota State University at Sanford Health Bismarck. The Community nurse leaders are nurses with high achievement and reside in communities across North Dakota and Minnesota. Congratulations to the new inductees!

• Concordia College – Undergraduate:
Mikayla Carey
Kayla Doebbeling
Lindsay Erickson
Scott Flotterud
Abigail Gaugen
Jennifer Hoyt
Erin Januschka
Nicholas Leen
Laura Mansell
Amanda Mikelson
Santiago Ocariz
Jenna Posch
Laura Prosinski
Marta Prosinski
Laura Radig

• University of Jamestown – Undergraduate:
Chelsey Cotney
Amber Fearnside
Shana L. W. Hall
Kayla Isaacs
Brittany Maasjo
Ashley Mueller
Andra Roorda
Makenzie Sell
Andrea Toepke-Floyd
Katie Stumpf
Keleigh Van Dyke
Averee Zent

• Minnesota State University Moorhead – Undergraduate:
Stephanie Danger
Amy Harding
Danelle Jones
Amy Peterson
Jessica Stewart

• Minnesota State University Moorhead – Graduate:
Jill David Jensen
Jessica Galbrecht
Jennifer Kastl
Rachel Tushaus

• North Dakota State University – Undergraduate:
Kacie Becker
Paige Bell
Tara Buss
Jessica Diaz De Leon
Bonnie Hemquist
Kaitlin Karsky
Bria Knaust
Austin Kutzer
Mitchell Lehn
Chelsea Lingle
Alexander Olson
Amber Riopelle
Alice Safe
Alexis Schauer
Danielle Simenson
Jessica Webber

• North Dakota State University – Graduate:
Michelle Brown
Dianne Kappelman Beyer
Allison Peltier
Vanessa Skolness

• North Dakota State University at Sanford Health Bismarck – Undergraduate:
Lindsey Miles
Erin O’Leary
Jerri Jo Sterna
Jessica Stober
Devin Doolittle Murphy
Julie Perkins
Christopher Coombe
Merry Kraft
Amy Meyer
Megan Humann

• Community Nurse Leaders:
Cheryl Anderson, BSN, MSSL, RN
Michelle Jetvig, BSN, RN
Sharri Lacher, MSN, RN
Rebecca Moch, BSN, MSSL, RN
Thomas L. O’Keefe, BSN, MSN, RN
Kristiana M. Oleson, AD, BSN, RN
Mary Jane “Janie” Olson, BS, MSN, RN
Michelle Pace, BSN, RN
Janet Riggins, BSN, MSN, RN
Patricia (Trish) Strom, BSN, M.ED, LPC, RN
Jacki Bleess Toppen, BA, BSN, MSN, RN
Nicole Lee Ueckert, BSN, RN

Scholarships and awards were also given to the following recipients:

• Xi Kappa Graduate Scholarship:
Jenna Wallace – NDSU

• Xi Kappa Undergraduate Scholarships:
Jessica Diaz De Leon – NDSU
Andrea Toepke-Floyd – University of Jamestown
Abigail Haugen – Concordia
Chelsea Lingle – NDSU
Alexander D. Olson – NDSU

• Martha Vorvick Berge Memorial Scholarship:
Katie Stumpf – University of Jamestown

• Excellence in Nursing Education Award:
Wendy Hournbuckle, MS, RN – University of Jamestown

• Excellence in Nursing Practice Award:
Crystal Nemer, RN, MSN, CNML – Fargo VA Health Care System

National Home Care and Hospice Month


November is Home care and Hospice Month!

The National Association for Home Care and Hospice has vigorously protected the rights of home care and hospice patients and providers since 1982.

The millions of nurses, home care aids, therapists, and social workers who make a remarkable difference for the patients and families they serve, get honored during November by the home care and hospice community.

You can learn more about the following themes listed below by visiting:

The themes National Association for Home care and Hospice Month are celebrating this November:

Home care: Home is the Center of Health Care

Hospice: Hospice=Love in Action

Private Duty: Loving Care Tailored to Each Family’s Needs

Home Care Aid Week (November 9-15, 2014): Caring in Action

To read some of the stories from the Nation’s Top Home Care and Hospice Nurses, visit this link: