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Calling All Users of Science


This Saturday there is going to be a series of marches and protests occurring in 358 cities in the United States and over 500 world wide. The March for Science is the first event of it’s kind. It is a call for support from all students, science-based careers and anyone who benefits from scientific advances (psst that’s everyone). It’s a nonpartisan even that is urging policy makers to look at evidence based practices and scientific data to influence their policies and ruling instead of money.

You can find a city near you here that is holding a march. The Fargo/Moorhead area is holding a large one that is expecting several thousand visitors. Here are some of the missions or goals that the March for Science hopes to achieve.

  • Evidence-based policy and regulations in the public interest. They wish for policy makers to make decisions not altered by other agendas.
  • Cutting-edge science education. They believe that a science background isn’t only for a select few, the entire  majority of the population should be able to interpret scientific literature.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in STEM. This comes into play with the previous mission, they wish to have an outreach in education.
  • Open, honest science and inclusive public outreach. Several policies that have been passed recently have banned or limited the exchange of scientific literature and dialogue. By restricting access to the newest information, the governmental body is harming it’s people.
  • Funding for scientific research and its applications. Under the proposed 2018 budget, all scientific bodies with federal funding will see a cut from 10% to 31%. They wish to change so that we are capable of producing more advancements.

In the few months that this has been planned, they have partnered with over 300 different scientific agencies and centers. Here is their page for the MN marches specifically.  They have several social media accounts; check them out on Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram.


New Years Resolution 2017 – Continuing your education at MSUM


New Year’s is right around the corner! Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Is it eat healthier, exercise more, read more, or spend more time with family? These are very basic resolutions. Are you interested in picking up an extraordinary resolution? How about continuing your education at Minnesota State University Moorhead?!

If you are willing to commute to the MSUM campus, you have endless degrees to choose from! Prefer not to commute? Check out MSUM’s 4 Undergraduate programs and 13 Graduate programs! Don’t want to commit to a degree, unsure of what you want to get a degree in, or interested in learning a little more about a specific topic? Choose from over 100 online courses to take! Students who participate in on-line schooling have the same great experience as those who take classes on campus.

Go to the following link to take a look at all of the degrees offered at MSUM:

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Make continuing your education a part of your 2017 resolution and apply to MSUM today!