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National Cookie Day!


December 4th is National Cookie Day!

Fun Fact: The Dutch originally “invented” cookies by placing small amounts of cake dough in the oven to ensure the temperature was correct, so they wouldn’t wast the entire cake. They called these “keokje” or “little cakes.”

It’s no surprise that cookies aren’t always the healthiest things in the world, but there are several recipes out there to help correct that problem. One of the easiest ways to make our cookies healthy, while still being tasty, is to simply substitute ingredients. Switch out butter for applesauce or yogurt. Instead of all-purpose flour, try whole-wheat flour or whole-wheat pastry flour. Simple changes keep our cookies delicious, but healthy enough that we can go back for seconds.

Celebration of National Cookie Day is best observed by baking cookies and sharing them with friends and family! Try experimenting with some new healthy recipes.

Happy Baking!!!