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Welcome back, Dragons!


Fall 2013 Classes Have Begun!

It is a hot and steamy week this week as we get back into the swing of another semester for the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership at MSUM. We have a number of outstanding classes that begin this week!

Classes in Community Health offered this fall include:

  • COMH 200 Introduction to Health Promotion and Public Health
  • COMH 315 Health Agencies and Services
  • COMH 326 Epidemiology
  • COMH 418 Global Health Issues
  • COMH 469 Internship
  • COMH 490 Health Informatics
  • COMH 490 Internship Seminar

Classes in Health Services Administration this fall include:

  • HSAD 326 Epidemiology
  • HSAD 416 Health Services Management
  • HSAD 420 Health Policy and Payment
  • HSAD 469 Internship
  • HSAD 490 Internship Seminar

Classes in our online RN to BSN program this fall include:

  • NURS 301 Transitions
  • NURS 303L Family Health Nursing
  • NURS 342 Nursing Care of Diverse Populations
  • NURS 347 Transcultural Nursing
  • NURS 348L Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 370 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 420L Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging
  • NURS 450 Applied Pathophysiology
  • NURS 472 Leadership and Professional Development
  • NURS 475L Nursing Preceptorship
  • NURS 490 Controversy in Mental Healthcare
  • NURS 497 Independent Study

Classes in our graduate level Nursing Programs this fall include:

  • NURS 600 Theoretical Perspectives of the Discipline
  • NURS 603 Introduction to Research, Data Analysis and Informatics
  • NURS 606 Health Care Delivery Systems, Policy, Financing and Leadership
  • NURS 608 Transcultural and Social Perspectives
  • NURS 611 Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (P1)
  • NURS 627 Program/Curriculum Design and Evaluation
  • NURS 640 Advances Adult-to-Gerontological Health I
  • NURS 641P Advanced CNS Practicum II
  • NURS 642P Advances Nurse Educator Practicum I
  • NURS 689 Thesis Seminar
  • NURS 690 Topics: Nurse Educator Preparation II
  • NURS 698 Continuing Registration
  • NURS 699 Thesis (Plan A)

Classes in our new Master’s of Health Administration program include:

  • MHA 618 Health Care Law & Ethical Decision Making
  • MHA 620 Health Care Policy & Reimbursement

We are currently accepting applications for our RN to BSN program – enrolling Spring 2014. Deadline for Spring 2014 RN to BSN applications (all online): October 15th, 2013

Apply at:

We are currently accepting applications for our Master’s of Science in Nursing program (both the NED and the NAOSL emphases)! Application deadline: January 2, 2014.

Apply at:

Get more information about all of our programs within the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership online at:

Dr. Melanie Schicker on Healthcare Leadership


MSUM’s program in Health Services Administration was established in 1998 and is structured as a comprehensive curriculum (science, business, social sciences, and health care management) that permits specialization in various domains of health care delivery.  The program prepares students to be a future health care leader eligible to practice in the field of health and aging services administration.

Students who complete the undergrad program can expect to go into a variety of health care jobs, such as entry level management. Students who complete the graduate program can expect to become a more desirable candidate if already employed or to gain more credibility for their resume if just starting out in the field.

Click here to watch Dr. Melanie Schicker, Assistant Professor in Health Services Administration, discuss her journey to the world of health services, share information on the various healthcare leadership programs at MSUM, and explain the teaching method she has found to be most effective for her students.

The MSUM Health Services Administration undergraduate program is a member of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) ( Additionally, the MHA and HSAD program coordinator, Lonni Schicker, is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) (

World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week

August 1st – August 7th



The first week in August is World Breastfeeding Week, a time to provide breastfeeding mothers with support and encouragement. This year’s theme, “Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers,” encompasses the importance of breastfeeding support in all places.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventative measures a mother can take to protect infant health. It also recommends breastfeeding up until the baby’s first birthday in combination with other foods months 6-12. These recommendations are not being followed, however. Many mothers do not have constant contact with their children throughout the day due to working schedules, and many others lack the support necessary to follow through with these recommendations.

Fortunately, early care and education facilities are able to train faculty members to better support mothers by permitting breastfeeding at facilities and storing and feeding pumped milk to infants. Only a handful of states across the nation have regulations for meeting the national recommendations for breastfeeding, including Arizona, California, Delaware, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Vermont. A number of others, however, have issued guidelines to increase breastfeeding support in care and education facilities. View some of these guidelines below:

This week, show your support for breastfeeding! Encourage the five circles of support to engage in their support, and stress the importance of infant health and continuous breastfeeding support:

  • Friends and family
  • Workplace employees
  • Health care providers
  • Policy makers
  • Emergency responders

Visit the WBW facebook page: or for more information!



Applying to MSUM’s Online RN to BSN Program

How to Apply for the Online RN to BSN Program at MSUM:


Admission Criteria:

  • Admission to Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.75
  • Two professional references
  • Essay as directed on the RN to BSN application
  • Active RN license or scheduled to take NCLEX
  • Provisional acceptance will be granted to qualified students who are waiting to take the NCLEX Exam or receive results

Admission Deadlines:

  • Fall semester: March 15th
  • Spring semester: October 15th

Application Procedure:

Post-Admission Requirements:

  • Copy of current RN license
  • Copy of current CPR card (healthcare provider or professional level)
  • Copy of yearly Mantoux shot record, Mantoux Gold, or chest X-ray
  • Evidence of Hepatitis B immunization
  • Evidence of Tetanus immunization
  • Evidence of Varicella immunization, titer, or disease (must come from medical provider)
  • Evidence of Influenza immunization (during influenza season)
  • Evidence of MN background check (you will receive an e-mail from the SNHL on how to do this)
  • Evidence of a federal background check (you will receive an e-mail from the SNHL on how to do this)

RN to BSN Orientation:

  • Orientation to the online RN to BSN (RNB) program is mandatory for all newly admitted students. This one-time event takes places on campus in Moorhead and at a community college in the Twin Cities (you choose where to attend) prior to or on the first day of the semester you begin the RNB program.
  • This orientation is very important, especially for those new to web-based learning. The MSUM nursing program is discussed in detail, students learn how to navigate the library from home and register, and students are introduced to the instructional management system, Desire to Learn, or D2L.

RN to BSN Curriculum:

  • NURS 301 – Transitions (4 credits)
  • NURS 303L – Family Nursing (4 credits)
  • NURS 370 – Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (4 credits)
  • NURS 348 – Public Health Nursing (4 credits)
  • NURS 450 – Applied Pathophysiology (4 credits)
  • NURS 420L – Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging (3 credits)
  • NURS 342 – Nursing Care of Diverse Populations (2 credits)
  • NURS 472 – Nursing Leadership and Professional Development (3 credits)
  • NURS 473 – Professional Pathways (3 credits)

Total credits: 31


For an informational tutorial concerning RN to BSN FAQs, visit the following link ~