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Emergency Nurses Day is October 12th!

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Multitasking ability; ability to stay calm during chaos; ability to think fast and on your feet; good personal coping skills; and good observation, assessment, and prioritization skills are just some of the many characteristics that emergency nurses may have! Currently, there are about 180,00 emergency  nurses who are trained to solve problems on the spot in order to save lives. Areas that these nurses may practice include hospital emergency departments, emergent care centers, EMS, poison control centers, crisis intervention centers, and research institutions.

Being an emergency nurse is a big responsibility! That is why these nurses deserve a day to celebrate their profession. This year, Emergency Nurses Day is on Wednesday, October 12th. One way to celebrate this day is to thank an emergency nurse! You can also share stories about how an emergency nurse impacted your life. Wearing purple on this day is another way to celebrate! Whatever it is you do, always remember that these nurses are always there waiting for when we need them!