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Spring Registration Has Begun

Spring 2014 registration began on October 28th. Contact your advisor to receive an access code that will allow you to register. When you contact your advisor make sure to ask about the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership courses below.

Health Services and Adminstration ClassesHSAD 414: Health Services Planning  and EvaluationHSAD 418: Medical and Health Care   LawHSAD 419: Financial Management of  Health Care Organizations

HSAD 421: Long Term Care Administration

HSAD 469: Internship

HSAD 490: Topics in Health Services Administration: Internship Practicum Summer

Community Health Classes

COMH 301: Women’s and Children’s Health

COMH 401: Health Aspects of Aging

COMH 415: Design and Evaluation of Community Health Programs

COMH 469: Internship

COMH 490: Topics in Community Health: Internship Practicum Seminar

COMH 638: Health Information System

Nursing Classes

NURS 301: Transitions

NURS 303L: Family Health Nursing

NURS 342: Nursing Care of Diverse Populations

NURS 348L: Public Health Nursing

NURS 370: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

NURS 420L: Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging

NURS 450: Applied Pathophysiology

NURS 472: Leadership and Professional Development

NURS 473: Professional Pathways

NURS 497: Independent Study

NURS 604: Advanced Nursing Research and EBP

NURS 609: Advanced Pathophysiology: Concepts and Systems

NURS 610: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

NURS 612: Advanced Health/Physical Assessment

NURS 612P: Advanced Health/Physical Assessment Practicum

NURS 623: Nurse as Educator

NURS 641: Advanced Adult-to-Gerontological Health II

NURS 643P: Advanced Nursing Educator Practicum II

NURS 689: Thesis Seminar

NURS 698: Continuing Registration

NURS 699: Thesis (Plan A)

Masters of Nursing Classes

MHA 619: Applied Health Care Financial Management

Good luck with registration!

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Community Health Degree Oppritunities

Nandita Bezbaruah, shares different ways to use a Community Health degree. Listen in to what she has to say.

The Community Health Major at MSUM

Check out the Community Health Major at MSUM during spring advising/registration. Maybe this major is for you.


Community Health

What is a Community Health Professional?

Community health professionals work with mass media, plan and conduct workshops, develop educational programs and act as a health information resource. The majority of all community health professionals work in healthcare and social assistance agencies, and many work in government organizations. Community health majors may also be employed by colleges, public and private schools, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, or in medical care settings.

A Community Health Professional should be able to promote:

  • Collaborative Efforts – developing community-based programs
  • Health Promotion – developing low literate, culturally appropriate materials, curricula and awareness campaigns
  • Evaluation and Research – designing data collection tools to measure program processes and outcomes using quantitative and qualitative methods and reporting for multiple audiences
  • Training and Staff Development – designing and conducting training for diverse audiences including clinicians, professional staff, community groups, parents and youth
  • Resources for Health Professionals – developing…

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Incorporating Experiences into Community Health Teaching

Nandita Bezbaruah shares how her experiences have helped her in teaching Community Health Courses. Watch to learn more.

Today is World Mental Health Day!


October 10th is the day dedicated to raising awareness on mental health issues across the world. The day is observed in more than 100 countries and is supported by the United Nations. One out of every four people around the world will experience a mental illness that would benefit from diagnosis and treatment. World Mental Health Day was created to bring much needed attention to this issue.

The theme of the year’s World Mental Health Day is “Mental Health and Older Adults.” Organizations promoting World Mental Health Day want to focus on the positive aspect of mental health in older adults. While most of us are aware of the mental health problems the elderly face, such as loneliness, isolation, dementia and depression, organizations want to concentrate on that fact that average people over the age of 55 have greater life satisfaction that younger individuals.World Mental Health Day Pic

Activities on October 10th include:

  • Officials signing the World Mental Health Day proclamation
  • Public service announcements
  • Educational lectures and distribution of information regarding mental health issues
  • Awards to individual or organizations who have made significant contributions to improving mental health issues

Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 6th-12th, 2013

Every year, during the first full week of October, Mental Illness Awareness Week is held. This year, the week runs from October 6th through October 12th. The week is designed to bring attention to mental illnesses, while educating the public about symptoms and treatments. During the week, mental health advocates join together to sponsor events to increase community awareness and public education concerning mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Mental illness affects 1 in 4 Americans every year.

Mental Illness Awareness Week Pic

One of the most widespread events during the week is National Depression Screening Day. On October 10th individuals will be given the opportunity to be screened for depression and referrals will be given to those in need. To take an anonymous depression screening online or to view on-site locations, please visit,
To participate in mental illness awareness week, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness website, at

Meet Nandita Bezbaruah!

Nandita introduces herself as a faculty member of the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at MSUM and shares some of her passions.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 2013

Because We Are EQUAL to the Task

Every year, during the month of October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is celebrated. This is a national campaign aimed at creating awareness about disability employment issues and recognizes the contributions that disabled American’s have made to the workforce. This year the theme is “Because We Are EQUAL to the Task.”

NDEAM picture

The beginning of NDEAM can be traced back to 1945, when a law was passed to recognize the first week in October as “National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.” After realizing that all types of disabilities should be acknowledged, the word “physically” was removed. The name was changed to “National Disability Employment Awareness Month” in 1988, when congress lengthened the week of awareness to a month.

There are several ways that you can participate and help spread awareness. These are just a few of the many examples that the United States Department of Labor recommends.

  • Review  polices—October is a perfect time to review your company/school polices. Confirm that they show your strong commitment to a disability inclusive workplace.
  • Create a display—Create a new bulletin board with positive messages about a commitment to a disability inclusive workforce.
  • Distribute posters—Spread the word about NDEAM.
  • Hold a discussion—NDEAM is a great time to discuss the topic of disability employment.
  • Feature NDEAM in social media activities—Let all your friends and followers know that you support a disability inclusive workforce!

More information and ways to get involved can be found at