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World Heart Day 2016 is September 29!


Each year, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is responsible for 17.5 million deaths, making it the number one cause of death. No wonder the World Heart Federation came together to create their World Heart Day platform! The main idea is to “Power Your Life.” There are four parts to this idea:

  1. Know your risk. It is important to know your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Knowing these will give you and your doctor the information you need in order to create a plan to have a healthy heart.
  2. Fuel your heart. Sometimes just a couple diet changes can work tremendously in improving heart health. Limiting prepackaged foods, alcohol, and sugar will make a big difference. It is also important to incorporate fruits and vegetable into your meal every day.
  3. Move your heart. Aerobic, strengthening, and stretching exercises are all recommended for good heart health. 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five times a week is the preferred amount of exercise.
  4. Love your heart. One of the best things to do for good heart health is to avoid smoking. Benefits of quitting smoking begin the second you stop!

This link provides great information about heart health and awareness!

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