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New MN State board of Nursing Documentation Requirements Starting January 1, 2015

Effective on January 1, 2015, Governor Dayton signed into law a bill that will require licensure for all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN’s) to practice authority and will remove the requirements for a collaborative management plan and and written prescribing agreement for APRN’s.

To become licensed, an APRN will be required to:

  • Hold a current RN license
  • Submit a documentation of of successful completion of an acceptable graduate APRN program
  • Submit a current certification as an APRN in a role and population focus.

In order for a advanced practice registered nurse to prescribe medications, they must have an APRN license.

An APRN must all have a controlled substance number issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA, in order to prescribe controlled substances.

To learn more about the new law and the requirements to become licensed, visit:

Here is the link to specific links and forms:

Happy National Chocolate Day 2014!!

December 29th is National Chocolate Day!!


Despite chocolates bad reputation it helps the body, the mind, and the soul.

The secret to these benefits: flavanols. This disease fighting, energy boosting, and weight-loss assisting compound can be found most abundantly in dark chocolate. This is due to the high cocoa content of dark chocolate. Several scientists working on recent studies suggest eating chocolate with a 70% or higher cocoa content to receive the maximum benefits of the healthy chemical. The flavanols in dark chocolate have been proven to combat heart disease, stress, prevent diabetes (yes, we said prevent diabetes), help with weight-loss, and even prevent sunburn. Although moderation must be exercised, there is no reason not to reach for some delicious chocolate a few times a week or even everyday. On this wonderful day to celebrate the favorite sweet treat of many…treat yourself and feel good while doing it!

Fact credit to: Women’s Health Online: 9 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Spring 2015 Classes

MSUM’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership offers a variety of courses for our students. Here is a list of the classes offered for Spring 2015:

  • COMH 401 Health Aspects of Aging
  • COMH 418 Global Health Issues
  • COMH 468 Practicum Seminar
  • COMH 469 Internship
  • HSAD 414 Health Services Planning and Evaluation
  • HSAD 418 Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • HSAD 419 Financial Management of Health Care Organizations
  • HSAD 421 Long Term Care Administration
  • HSAD 468 Internship Seminar
  • HSAD 469 Internship
  • MHA 619 Applied Health Care Financial Management
  • MHA 638 Health Information Systems
  • MHA 669 Capstone I
  • MHA 670 Capstone II
  • NURS 301 Transitions
  • NURS 303L Family Health Nursing
  • NURS 342 Nursing Care of Diverse Populations
  • NURS 348L Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 370 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 420L Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging
  • NURS 450 Applied Pathophysiology
  • NURS 472 Nursing Leadership and Professional Development
  • NURS 473 Professional Pathways
  • NURS 497 Independent Study
  • NURS 604 Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 610 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • NURS 612 Advanced Health/Physical Assessment (P3)
  • NURS 614 Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I
  • NURS 623 Nurse as Educator
  • NURS 643P Advanced Nurse Educator Practicum II
  • NURS 689 Thesis/Project Seminar 1
  • NURS 691 Thesis/Project Seminar 2
  • NURS 696 Project/Action Research (Plan B)
  • NURS 697 Independent Study
  • NURS 698 Continuing Registration
  • NURS 699 Thesis (Plan A)
  • NURS 706 Organizational and Systems Leadership

If you are hoping to take one of these courses, registration is open now. Spring registration will close on January 16th, 2015.

SNHL Commencement Celebration 2014

Today is the day! The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership will be hosting it’s open house from 11:00-12:30 in Lommen 104. All students, graduates, and their families are welcome to join in the fun. We are celebrating this year’s graduates and the close of an excellent semester.

We hope to see you there!

MSUM SNHL Graduate Programs 2014-2015

You can now apply for the

School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

Spring Graduate Programs!


SNHL offers four graduate programs. These include:

2 Masters:

2 Certificates:

You can learn more about these programs at:

Also here are some other links you may find useful!



Student Resources:

If you have any questions about our graduate programs, please feel free to contact us at: or 218-477-2693

If you have specific program questions, please contact the program coordinator:

Tracy Wright, Ph.D.

If you have any questions about the application process,
please call the Graduate Studies Office at:

National Handwashing Awareness Week 2014 (December 1st–7th)

National Handwashing Awareness Week 2014 (December 1st–7th)

Handwashing is one of the easiest tasks we do on a day to day basis.

It’s also the easiest and most effective way to prevent infectious diseases, such as colds and the flu, which we all know that the season is upon us!


So the questions are:

When should you wash your hands?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should wash your hands:

  • Before, during, and after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • Before and after caring for someone who is sick
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • After using the toilet
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste
  • After touching garbage

What is the right way to wash your hands?

Again, according to the CDC, the right steps of handwashing includes:

  • Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap.
  • Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Be sure to lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.
  • Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice.
  • Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
  • Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dryer.

For more info on these check out:


The World Health Organization states that “simple hand-washing could save up to 1 million lives each year” around the globe.

Do your part and spread awareness instead of germs!