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Celebrate Fourth of July 2017 at MSUM!


Looking for a way to celebrate the Fourth of July this year? Come to Minnesota State University Moorhead for some fireworks and fun! The Moorhead Business Association has raised funds to continue this day of celebration and MSUM is honored to be able to host this night of fun. The event begins at 8:30pm and will go until around 11:00pm. This year, there will be a special performance by Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome. This is a classic rock, horn band out of Fargo that plays songs by Chicago, Blues Brothers, Phil Collins, Earth Wind and Fire, plus so many more! A fireworks display will follow the performance and begin at 10:30p.

This event is located at Nemzek Stadium on the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus. Admission is FREE! Don’t miss out on this fun filled evening!



Practice Fireworks Safety – 2017


It’s finally fireworks season! There is a lot of fun packed into fireworks as there is a huge variety! Loud, quiet, big, small, what is your preference? These exploding pieces of entertainment are so fun, but don’t let them end up putting a damper on your Fourth of July celebration! Incorporate the following safety tips to ensure a night full of fun and prevent potentially serious accidents.

  • Know the laws of your city in regards to fireworks and follow them!
  • Read instructions and warning labels before lighting. Know what the firework will do so you know what to expect to ensure the safety of others in the area.
  • Responsible adults should supervise the use of fireworks. Fireworks should not be lit by someone under the influence of alcohol.
  • Wearing safety glasses can protect your eyes from debris and sparks.
  • Light one firework at a time and back away quickly.
  • Do not relight “duds.” Instead, wait 20 minutes then put it in a bucket of water.
  • Have a bucket of water nearby.
  • Do not put fireworks in pockets or shoot them into glass or metal containers.
  • Avoid the use of homemade fireworks.
  • If you have pets, make sure they had IDs and keep them in a safe place.
  • If it is windy, make sure the wind won’t blow the fireworks into the crowd or wait to light the fireworks until the wind dies down.

Follow these rules and use common sense when around fireworks. It may seem ridiculous to have so many rules, but they are there to protect everyone! Have a fun and safe fireworks season!



Independence Day Celebration!

4th of july

The annual 4th of July celebration at MSUM will continue, but with a few big changes. The Independence Day fireworks show will continue with funding raised by the public. The Moorhead Business Association (MBA) has led fundraising campaigns and collected donations from the community to continue with the summer holiday celebration. The event will still take place at the university with the fireworks display on Scheel’s Field at Nemezek Hall on the MSUM campus. The university will host the event although it can no longer fund it.  Many local businesses have  come forward with donations and have committed volunteer time to help the event run smoothly. the MBA has organized a committee to plan this years celebration and has already begun efforts in the hopes that the fireworks display will continue to be an annual event. The fireworks display starts at 9:00pm followed by a concert in Nemzek stadium that will kick off at 10:30. The Executive Director of the MBA, David Hunstad, says this display will be the biggest the community has seen in years. Volunteers will play a large role in the success of this event. The MBA will rely on this community to help with the event. In previous years Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) paid staff and faculty to work the event. Money saved on this front was spent on increasing the number of fireworks for the display! As of June 25th the MBA has raised $45,000 from 27 donors in the community. This is the same amount MSUM budgets to host the event! Many of the businesses that donated have already pledged their support for the yearly celebration to continue. Although MSUM can no longer fund the event the university pledges its support and is very thankful that the event will continue. President Blackhurst has stated that the show does not align with university missions and does not involve many students because they are away for the summer. MSUM is still excited to be hosting the event and looks forward to the tradition being carried on!


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