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National Minority Donor Awareness Week 2016!


August 1st through the 7th is National Minority Donor Awareness Week. The focus of this week long observance is to draw attention to the many minority groups that are often under-served in the healthcare field. This difference is most noticeable when the waiting lists for organ transplantation are considered. Minority groups make up 58% of all people waiting for a transplant of some kind. The difference in genetic composition between ethnic groups makes this gap difficult to close and causes several populations to have a higher percentage of people in need of a transplant. High blood pressure and diabetes can lead to renal (kidney) disease, which is best treated through organ transplantation. African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and Asian and Pacific Islanders are three times more likely to develop one of these conditions and require an organ transplant. This is one of the leading causes of the high number of minority groups that are on the organ transplant waiting list. This week long observance brings attention to the issue of minority organ donation. If more people of every ethnicity donate organs or tissue the gap can be closed and many lives can be saved.

To learn more about minority organ donation and transplantation visit the link below.

To learn more about the process of organ and tissue donation visit the link below.

Remind your friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances that becoming an organ donor can save many many lives and help us all to live more comfortably.


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World Population Day 2016!


July 11th is World Population Day. This day is organized by the United Nations and each year has a different theme. 2016’s Population Day theme is Investing in Teenage Girls. In 1989 the United Nations created this day to bring a focus to population issues.

Around the world teenage girls face many issues. In many countries teenage girls are considered ready for marriage, children, or to be pushed into the real world. Girls at this age are often forced out of school which can be very detriemental to their futures. These girls also suffer from a lack of health information. They lack many of the resources necessary to properly care for themselves. This issue is even worse for girls of ethnic minorities or those living in poverty. “Yet when teenage girls are empowered, when they know about their rights and are given the tools to succeed, they become agents of positive change in their communities.”

Each year agents of the UN work to end these population differences and to empower and educate people so they can live safe, comfortable, and healthy lives. You can join the UN in their efforts in a variety of ways. To learn more about the cause and what you can do visit the link below.


Independence Day Celebration!

4th of july

The annual 4th of July celebration at MSUM will continue, but with a few big changes. The Independence Day fireworks show will continue with funding raised by the public. The Moorhead Business Association (MBA) has led fundraising campaigns and collected donations from the community to continue with the summer holiday celebration. The event will still take place at the university with the fireworks display on Scheel’s Field at Nemezek Hall on the MSUM campus. The university will host the event although it can no longer fund it.  Many local businesses have  come forward with donations and have committed volunteer time to help the event run smoothly. the MBA has organized a committee to plan this years celebration and has already begun efforts in the hopes that the fireworks display will continue to be an annual event. The fireworks display starts at 9:00pm followed by a concert in Nemzek stadium that will kick off at 10:30. The Executive Director of the MBA, David Hunstad, says this display will be the biggest the community has seen in years. Volunteers will play a large role in the success of this event. The MBA will rely on this community to help with the event. In previous years Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) paid staff and faculty to work the event. Money saved on this front was spent on increasing the number of fireworks for the display! As of June 25th the MBA has raised $45,000 from 27 donors in the community. This is the same amount MSUM budgets to host the event! Many of the businesses that donated have already pledged their support for the yearly celebration to continue. Although MSUM can no longer fund the event the university pledges its support and is very thankful that the event will continue. President Blackhurst has stated that the show does not align with university missions and does not involve many students because they are away for the summer. MSUM is still excited to be hosting the event and looks forward to the tradition being carried on!


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World Blood Donor Day 2016

Blood Donor Day

June 14th is World Blood Donor Day. Each year the World Health Organization (WHO) organizes a special day to recognize all of those who have saved a life by donating blood. The recipients of these donations are all so thankful as is WHO. The 2016 theme is “Blood Connects Us All.” No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you live we all have blood coursing through our veins. This life saving blood can easily be donated and shared with those who desperately need it. Blood transfusions save millions of lives each year. This blood helps to make necessary surgeries possible, provide maternal and child care, as well as save the lives of many in the event of a natural disaster. If you do not currently donate blood regularly WHO and the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership strongly suggest you give it a try. Donation stations travel across the country and finding a blood drive can be as easy as making a phone call. To learn more about how to donate or where to donate visit the links below.

For more information about World Blood Donor Day please visit the link below. Remember to “Share Life, Give Blood” and you can help improve the world you live in!

Pay it Forward!


Today do a good deed without expecting anything in return. That is paying it forward. These kind acts can be as easy as holding a door, paying for someone else’s cup of coffee, or simply smiling at a person you pass on the street. These thoughtful actions can truly change someone’s day.

In 2007, Pay it Forward Day was founded by Blake Beattie in Australia. The following year already 5 different countries were involved in the movement! In 2015 the numbers were up to 75 countries involved with 42 different states and 48 cities! These numbers are expected to keep growing as the initiative gains more and more attention each year.

This is bound to be an exciting day filled with kindness and care. You can also participate in the initiative by volunteering at your local food shelf, donating to a charity, or planning a special outing with a relative or friend. The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference. Not only is this good for one day, but it’s a good thing to practice all year round, so don’t forget to pay it forward!



World Water Day 2016!


World Water Day

World Water Day is held on March 22nd annually. This event dates back to March of 1992 and is used to promote the awareness of water and water related jobs. About half of the world’s workers are employed in a water related field, that is about 1.5 billion people. 2016’s World Water Day theme is: Better Water, Better Jobs. The issue that World Water Day is trying to address is the lack of human rights protection within the water sector. World Water Day is hosted by UN-Water. UN-Water runs all water related campaigns within the United Nations. This campaign “aims to inform, engage, and inspire action”. To learn more about World Water Day and how you can help please visit the link below:

To show how water is a part of your job please visit the link below for social media platforms on World Water Day:


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Zero Discrimination Day!!


zero discrimination day 2

Many global organizations including the United Nations (UN) support the effort to end discrimination. These same groups organize a variety of activities around the world to celebrate in the rights of all to live a happy and fulfilling life. This global observance has its roots in UNAIDS. After a UN event called “World AIDS Day” the involved organizations gathered and started a zero discrimination campaign. The campaign sparked the creation of the annual celebration of Zero Discrimination Day, which falls on March 1st of every year!

Although many countries enforce laws regarding discrimination, the battle rages on. Forms of discrimination against any one for age, ethnicity, sexuality, skin-color, gender, economic status, or education are often used as a form of government in some countries. It is the job of all people to stand up for the rights of others and themselves. The butterfly is the symbol of Zero Discrimination Day because it symbolizes change. People from all over the world are invited to share their stories of discrimination to raise awareness for this major issue. If you or someone you know has a story to share please accompany a post on social media with #zerodiscrimination or an image of a butterfly.

To learn more about the day and what you can do please visit the link below!