What do you need to graduate? DARs, LASC goals, and upper division credits

Now that you have started your journey along the college path it’s important to know what you need to get yourself to graduation. As a general guideline it is best to follow your DARs, or Degree Audit Report, which can be found on eServices. This degree audit report divides the requirements needed for your major of choice into easy to understand pieces. An example of this could be major requirements that are divided into the core requirements or classes you need to achieve your major, required electives, and your general courses.

If you go into your eServices page and click Grades and Transcripts, the following page will pop up. Click the tab that’s circled in blue to access your DARs.


LASC stands for Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum. These are mandatory to make sure the university turns out well rounded students.  There will also be a degree audit report for all of your general courses, or LASC goals under the DARs tab. It’s called the  MINNESOTA TRANSFER CURRICULUM (MnTC). In this report you will find that there are different sections.  The eleven sections listed on this report are goal areas that needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain your degree. If it’s green, your good. If it’s red, contact your advisor to help you fill those credits.

Another thing to consider is your major’s requirement for upper division classes or classes that are 3oo level or above. Your 3oo+ classes can be started as early as your second semester of your freshman year. Upper division classes tend to be more intense and have a larger content base to them. A few can be used to satisfy your writing intensive LASC goal as well.

For the RN-to-BSN program you need a total of 40 credits that are in the 300+ range. 31 of these credits are fulfilled by mandatory program classes as well as the writing requirements. Some students already come into MSUM with the other 9 credits from a past institution while others need to find a few classes here.

The link below has a sample document of what the advisors will fill out with you to see how far into your degree you are. This sheet is specific for the RN-to-BSN program.

Advising Form SAMPLE

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