Ground Water Awareness Week 2017

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What do you use water for? Do you use it for washing your hands, bathing, or cooking? These are just a few examples! Whatever the case, that water may have come from the ground!  It is found in cracks between soil and rock. Much of the water in the ground makes its way to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

It is so important to protect our water! Performing tasks such as applying too many chemicals, dumping oil, or rinsing paint into the ground or down drains can contaminate our water source. Contaminated water can cause gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. Water treatment systems do a great job in providing clean water to us, although not all ground water may be treated. Sometimes treatment systems do not work properly! That is why we need to be careful and watch what we expose to the ground and its water. Also note that not everyone uses water from these treatment plants. Some people get their water from wells, so it is ideal for them to get the water from the wells tested yearly to make sure it is safe. Septic tanks should also be checked regularly.

Pouring out hazardous materials, even just a small amount, may not seem like a big deal. We cannot look at it that way because it is a big deal! There are recommended amounts and guidelines for fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals as well as disposal guidelines for a reason! Let’s work together to keep all water sources clean and safe!




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