Catching enough ZZZ’s? Sleep Awareness Week 2017

Have you ever stayed up late to finish a project or study for a test? Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Sacrificing sleep to spend time on other tasks may sound like a great solution to be productive, but it doesn’t feel good! Slacking on sleep does your body a huge disservice! The following are all parts of the body that are negatively affected dues to lack of sleep:

  • Central Nervous System- Sleep is a time for our brains to process that days information and to repair itself.
  • Immune System– When you sleep, your body produces cytokines which fight off viruses and bad bacteria. In addition to getting sick, you are more likely to stay sick longer if you haven’t been sleeping right.
  • Respiratory System– By weakening your immune system, you are opening yourself up to the cold and flu.
  • Cardiovascular System– Sleeping always your heart to rest and repair blood vessels. By staying up you are increasing you chances of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.


Those are some of the ways it affects your systems. Now how does it affect you?

  • Micro-sleeps. You know that moment when you are in class or driving and you suddenly feel your head snap up or you zone out completely? Those are micro-sleeps. It’s your bodies way of telling you that it cannot continue on with the amount of sleep it has had. These have been found to have caused a significant portion of traffic accidents.
  • Stressed out? Several studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause over exaggerated reactions and emotions, namely anger and frustration, when working on simple problems. It has also been linked to an increased chance in anxiety and depression.
  • Partial deprivation. You would think that staying up for two days straight would be worse for your health that getting 6 hours of sleep consistently, right? Well you’re wrong! Through an analysis of 19 studies, getting consistent bad sleep is worse for you than getting a few nights of no sleep every week.
  • That sickness is because you don’t sleep. By staying up you are increasing your chances of getting a whole manor of different disease, including the flu and common cold.

Unfortunately for MSUM students, this week is mid-terms, but for everyone else out there do the following: Put down the phone and go to bed tonight!


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