Welcome Back MSUM!


welcome-backHopefully you enjoyed your long, well-deserved winter break! It has now come to an end and it is time to start a new semester! Starting a new semester after a break can be exciting, but dreadful, too! It’s great to come back to see friends and continue the activities you missed over the break, but the thought of homework and no more sleeping in may make you cringe.  Although many students come into the semester with high motivation and plenty of goals, we can agree that sometimes that motivation tends to slip to almost nothing and goals become harder to accomplish.

Here are some tips to help get you back into the swing of things:

  1. Get organized. A great thing to do is to get a planner or something else that allows you to put your class schedule and other plans you have all in one place. It is also good to look at your class syllabuses to check out important dates for assignments and tests. It may take awhile to get into a routine, but being organized makes the adjustment so much easier!
  2. Set goals, big and small. Goals are great motivators and things to look forward to throughout the semester. Make some academic and personal goals. Maybe you want to try completing every assignment on time and avoid any late assignments, go to every class, eat healthier, or get 8 hours of sleep at night. Make some big goals, but also create little goals throughout the week to keep you motivated and feeling productive.
  3. Make time. If you don’t make time, you will not have time. We may all relate to this statement, especially when it comes to something that is not enjoyable. Use your planner or make a list of what needs to be done and when you are going to complete the task. Make it a goal to conquer the tasks at your planned times.

Here is a list of important dates throughout the semester:

January 5-6 Registration/Orientation
January 6 Move-In (noon)
January 9 All Classes Begin
January 13 Drop/Add Deadline (4 pm)
January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No classes)
January 23 Pass/No Credit Deadline
February 13 Tuition Due Date
February 20 Faculty Development (No day classes/Classes meeting 4:30 pm or later are held)
March 3 Mid-Term
March 6-10 Spring Break (No classes)
March 13 Fall/Summer Advising Begins
March 27 Fall/Summer Registration Begins
April 11 Student Academic Conference (No day classes/classes meeting at 4:30 or later are held)
April 14, 17 Non-Instructional/Non-Duty Days (No classes)
May 3 Study Day (No day classes/Classes meeting 4:30 pm or later are held)
May 4-10 Final Exams Schedule
May 11 Grading Day
May 12 Commencement
May 12 Faculty Grades Due (4:30 pm)


Again, welcome back and good luck! May Spring 2017 be your best semester yet!


Sources: http://www.beastarlive.com/thank-you-welcome-back-thank-you-welcome/






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