Technology Applications to Physical Health

icon_medical_424x259Every innovation can be used for more than one purpose. With technology becoming cheaper, more user friendly and accessible, new applications are constantly being created.

Everyone’s knows of at least 1 interactive video game; whether it be Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit or Pokemon Go. Something that not everybody knows is that these can be alternatives to traditional exercise. Playing these games has been shown to increase the amount of energy  used in a day. They help a player elevate their heart rate for an extended period of time and can actually help them increase there cardio performance. Hospitals, senior homes, and fitness centers have seen the potential and are installing them as well as other devices that promote activity in centers all across the country.

You can’t go wrong with a pedometer. Most people have seen one of these little step-counters and know what they are used for. These little counters have received an upgrade in the newer models that make them more attractive to some people.  Instead of just counting steps, they can judge speed and how much time was spent in a moderate intensive workout. Although it cannot calculate an accurate number for how much energy was used, it does work as a good motivator to reach a daily activity goal. There has been a link made that connected the use of a pedometer and a decrease in one’s Body Mass Index and blood pressure. The quickest way to getting physically active is just 10,000 steps away.

The Fitbit is one of the newest health crazes.A Fitbit is a wearable pedometer that can sync up with your phone or computer. It works by monitoring your activity levels,sleep cycles and how much you eat to help encourage you to make healthy choices. It is similar to a pedometer in nature, except it has merged modern technology to create something new.  “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” This motto is said to be why it has spurred such a reaction and are becoming more popular. Fitbits give their users  physical evidence of their improvement that they would not otherwise see.

Technology is spreading and with it, information. With the amount of information available on the internet only growing and internet speeds increasing, people are able to learn more about fitness and health than ever before. They have access to the latest studies and testimonies about certain routines and diets , but not everything they see is true. Many people are unknowingly gathering wrong information and facts because they aren’t aware that not all information is valid. When googling something, look to see if the webpage is a for-profit or non-profit page. Did they get their information from a study within the last 5 years? Was the study and it’s results peer-reviewed?  Did they even get the information from a study? The internet may be a great tool, but only if it is used properly.





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