Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day


Black Friday is considered a starting point of holiday shopping. Through the chaos of crowded streets and stores, you may think it is the busiest shopping day of the year! Did you know that it really isn’t? The Saturday before Christmas Day, called Super Saturday, is actually the busiest day with those last minute shoppers! Many retailers also have their best deals in the days leading up to Christmas Day, although options may be limited due to retailers trying to clean out inventory. Another interesting thing about Black Friday is that the presence of in-store customers may start to decline thanks to on-line shopping, good deals that are on-going throughout the holiday season, and the unwillingness of customers engaging in the zoo-like atmosphere. Those who don’t participate in any Black Friday shopping may be doing themselves a favor! Many consumers who participate in Black Friday shopping spend over 50% of their initial budget!

Thankfully for those who do not wish to participate in Black Friday, there is something else to take part in: Buy Nothing Day! This special event is the same day as Black Friday, but instead of buying things, you simply buy nothing and save 100% of your money. It originally began as a protest against the problem of over-consumption.  It is also a day to promote shopping locally rather than putting money into the big box stores.

Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day each have their own pros and cons. Plus, everyone’s budget and shopping list is different, and some items really do have their best deals of the year on Black Friday. It is definitely a personal preference. What event will you be participating in this year?




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