Fall Break


Tomorrow you can sleep in and give yourself a while to rest before you go and see your family. MSUM will be closed November 23rd-25th for the Fall Break. Classes will resume after the long weekend on the 28th.

Here are some fun facts to read about while you go into a food coma:

  • Thanksgiving isn’t only celebrated in America, Canada also holds this holiday, they just have a different idea of when to hold it. They celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October while America has it set for the fourth Thursday of November, this year being the 24th.
  • White turkey meat has fewer calories than dark meat.
  • Sing “Mary had a little lamb” while you eat with everyone this year. Sarah Josepha Hale was the one who convinced Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a holiday. She is also known for having written that well-known nursery rhyme.
  • Almost every year since 1987,the current president has “pardoned” a turkey and it has been sent to a farm to die from old age, not consumption. But before it can have the good life, it has to be in the Thanksgiving parade either at Disneyland or Disney world.
  • The turkeys you eat on Thanksgiving are male turkeys, called Toms. Another fun fact is is that they have been bred to have such large breasts that it is almost impossible for them to reproduce without the help of artificial insemination.
  • Turduckens are new popular dish that is catching on from the smart people of Louisiana. A Turducken is a turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck stuffed with de-boned chicken. It usually is just breading from there, but sometimes other birds find their way into the mix also.









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