What is BENHA?


The Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators, BENHA, is one of the driving forces for the assurance of high quality nurses in long term care. The board holds all applicants to a high standard before approving them for a license. Their minimum requirements to apply for a license are:

-You must have a Bachelors degree

-You must have taken 8 long term care courses

-You must have 400 Practicum hours on the clock

-There is a state and national exam that you must pass


When applying there are four paths that you can go through to get licensed.

The first path is for new graduates that have come from a NAB or Minnesota accredited college. If the college you attended is accredited, you can request a transcript from the college’s registrars office. You must then submit the transcript along with your resume to the board. MSUM is accredited by BENHA, so you can use your transcript earned from here if you have completed coursework. If that is the case you can contact Jitendra Singh in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership for what to do next.

The second path is for applicants with experience that did not come from an accredited school. If this is the case, there is a more work that must be put in for your request to be processed. Your transcript must show at a minimum a Bachelors degree and you must give a course description/syllabus for any classes you are putting up for review. If your coursework is over seven years old, you must also present a continuing education certificate or your work experience.

The third path to being licensed has more required paperwork and forms because you must make an appeal for all of the requirements and practicum to be waived. If you can show that you have the necessary experience, you can go through the process here.

The  final path that is available is for Experienced administrators. You can apply to have your requirements waived if you can show other forms of certification.




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