Tips and Tricks for Halloween 2016!


Halloween is the time when we think about the things that go bump in the night. Don’t let that stop you though, Trick-or-Treating can be a fun time for everyone! There are certain things that you can do to help make sure you and your witches and ghosts stay safe.

Arts and Crafts

Bright is better. If possible try and work reflective tape, glow sticks or flashlights into your child’s costume. It will help you pick your child out of a crowd and visible in the dark.

Masks can be fun, but only if you can see. The eye holes on some masks can block your view and pose a safety risk. Test the mask to see if your peripheral vision is obstructed, you may need to cut the holes larger.

Carving pumpkins is fun, but the knifes and blades can be dangerous if not handled properly. Carving should be done by an adult to cut down the risks of an accident. Try something different by letting your kids color and put glitter on the pumpkins instead

Walking Safety

Kids should have an adult with them at all times. If your kid is under 12, they should have some kind of adult supervision for the night. Have your child carry a cellphone on them for the off-handed chance that you get separated.

Feed your family before you go out for the night. This will help for when you tell them to not eat any candy before you can inspect it. You don’t know what they might be getting. The treats might have expired or been opened to the elements and be unsafe to eat.

Street Smarts

Kids tend to walk on the curb and run across streets while they are out Trick-or-Treating. While you’re driving, drive slower than the posted speed limit. This gives you more time to stop if a kid runs across the road.

Avoid the tech. You shouldn’t be on your phone anyways, but it’s even more important that you are focusing on the road tonight of all nights.

The most popular times for Trick-or-Treating is from 5:30 to 9:30, so it’s important that you drive with your headlights on. Pay attention to any hazard lights you see, that car is most likely dropping some kids off.


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