Flu Vaccination-Give it a Shot!

Flu season is here! It’s that time of year where many people start to consider getting a flu vaccination. Unfortunately, many people will take on the flu season without getting vaccinated. Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD get vaccinated for the flu:

Getting vaccinated will:

  • reduce your risk of getting the flu.
  • lessen the severity of the flu if you happen to get it.
  • protect those who cannot get vaccinated due to age and diseases.

In the past, the flu vaccination was available by injection or nasal mist. However, experts are advising to avoid the mist this season as it has very low effectiveness. This is of very high concern and many distributors are not even selling it and clinics are not ordering it. They recommend to stick with the shot.

This video is of Dr. Barbara Matthees explaining why the MSUM School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership requires the flu vaccination.

Getting vaccinated not only protects yourself, but everyone around you, too. Be proactive and get your flu shot today!







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