National Food Safety Month

September is National Food Safety and Education Month. Included in this month would be cross-contamination, proper refrigeration, and proper surface cleaning. You may think that Food Safety is something that you only need to worry about in restaurants, but proper food safety also needs to be evaluated in the home. Refrigerators are common household items that may be a culprit when it comes to household food safety concerns. Recent studies have shown that almost 43% of household refrigerators are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered a “danger zone” for bacteria growth. It also shows that many produce bins are among the most contaminated areas in a kitchen containing both salmonella and listeria. To keep you and your family safe, you should clean out your fridge often with warm soapy water. In all settings, especially food service and health care, hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria. Both areas also put extra emphasis on the cleanliness of counters and other counter-like surfaces.

Here in Moorhead there is an organization that lets locals farm their own crops. It’s Probstfield  Organic Community Garden. They have 100 plots available for rent, so anyone interested gardening their own crops have an opportunity to do so. It is important to remember to that, if you have a plot or you buy from our local farmers’ markets, while there aren’t many, if any, major pesticides the food still needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

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