Carol Roth’s Recent Accomplishments!


Carol Roth RN, MSN, a faculty member in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, has recently done some wonderful things for our department. Her knowledge of public health nursing, diligence, and warm nature are an excellent addition to our department and we would like to take this time to recognize some of her accomplishments.

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership has recently become a member of the metropolitan based Henry Street Consortium. This group is dedicated to creating a workforce of bright and hardworking public health nurses. These public health professionals work to build a better, safer, and healthier community for all. The partnership created by the consortium connects public health nurses with educational resources and practices to make the public aware of current health issues and initiatives. The group is also designed to innovate change in nursing education and the public health field. As our resident public health specialist Professor Roth has attended meetings of the consortium and will work with the group to better public health education for nursing students and the public.

Professor Roth recently completed the Quality Matters “Applying the QM Rubric” in mid-June. This course is designed for faculty, administrators, and adjunct instructors who wish to more fully understand the application of the Quality Matters rubric as a tool of course evaluation. This program is widely used and a popular evaluation tool for nursing educators.

Roth has been a long time member of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society and was recently elected Secretary of the Xi Kappa chapter of the organization. She will begin her official duties at the August 15th meeting of the organization. Xi Kappa is alive and well at MSUM, there is no doubt that Roth will play a key role in its continuation at the university.

The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership is very proud to have Carol as a faculty member. Her many accomplishments, hard work, and kind spirit help to make out department what it is today. We congratulate Professor Roth on her achievements and look forward to her time as a faculty member.


Carol Roth, RN, MSN

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