Summer Classes Begin

summer class


Summer classes begin tomorrow! Are you ready for a summer full of sun and learning? Do not be discouraged about going to school in the summer because you can take advantage of the quiet atmosphere for a more structured learning environment. Summer classes can be hard because of the increase in distractions with people going to the lake, basking in the sun, or just going for a swim at the local pool, this can be a hard time to learn. Below you will find a list of reasons why summer classes are a good thing and how to stay focused when taking them:

  1. Write everything in a planner. Summer classes are usually not the only thing going on in a college student’s life. Students usually have jobs, want to hang out with friends, and see their families before fall semester. Laying everything out in a planner will help keep stress levels down and will allow students to have a little of everything this summer. A way to do this is to buy a planner at a local convenience store or download a free calendar app on your phone.
  2. Do not just stay in doors learning this summer. It is not healthy to always be studying and doing homework, while that is still extremely important, do not forget to spend time with friends, family, and yourself. Relaxing is just as important as studying because it will keep you sane and more energized to do school work.
  3. Go to class. Going to summer classes is very hard for students and professors do acknowledge this. Classes tend to be more fun in the summer because professors understand that distractions are at an all time high, but coursework still needs to be done. So to balance this out, professors try and make class more lighthearted to encourage the summer learning process.
  4. Taking classes in the summer can give second chances as well as speed up the time until graduation. If students have failed a course or two in the fall and spring semesters, summer is the time to get back on track. Summer classes allow students to retake courses that were previously failed because some colleges let classes that have been repeated replace the previously failed grade.This allows students’ GPA’s to increase and stay more consistent with their overall grades. While catching up is valued in summer classes, it is also important to take advantage of this time to get ahead. By taking many courses in the summer, this allows students to jump ahead of up to a full semester of college, thus making the time until graduation closer.
  5. Summer classes tend to have a smaller class size. Taking advantage of smallar class sizes in the summer is important because it could make a difference between an A in a class and a C in a class. By having fewer students in a class this allows professors to answer more questions and be there more often for students. So be sure to take advantage of class and ask as many questions as possible because there will be time for it!

Overall, stay focused and active during summer and good luck with classes!

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