National Teachers Appreciation Week!

2016 TAW Flier 2

Teachers have been our mentors, elders, and friends since we were toddlers eating glue. There are a few special reasons why you should thank a teacher this week.

  1. Teachers have to constantly shape and fine tune their teaching styles. Since every child learns differently, teachers have to do extra work to cater to every single learning style. Those include: visual, auditory, read-write, and kin esthetic.
  2. Teachers inspire. What teachers teach students throughout their primary, elementary, and high school years can lead to a student choosing a specific career field. Teachers that inspire students to go into certain fields are the catalysts to creating the most intelligent minds of our generation.
  3. Many teachers work out of the classroom. For a teacher, work does not stop just because a school day ends. A lot of teachers spend hours at home grading, preparing lessons, and researching better ways to teach.
  4. Teachers work with many students at a time and are constantly having to teach things over and over again as needed for children like new students or students with different learning types.
  5. Many teachers set up time for extra help. Some teachers have time set aside for students who need homework help during their office hours, but a lot of them stay after school as well. This extra dedication is why we need to thank our teachers.
  6. We have learned all of our basic skills from our teachers. From reading to writing to math, our fundamentals were given to us by our teachers.

All of these reasons are why every student needs to thank a teacher this week. However, this list is very short in comparison to all that teachers truly do for us. So think about a time a specific teacher in your life helped and inspired you and reach out to them and send them a special thank you. After all, it is Teacher Appreciation Week!



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