RN to BSN Capstone Presentations!


The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership would like to invite everyone to watch our RN-BSN Capstone Presentations! These presentations are put together by RN to BSN students who are taking Nursing 473: Professional Pathways, which is taught by Barbara Matthees PhD, RN, CNE and Alicia Swanson, MSN, RN, PHN. Presentations started on the 22nd of April and conclude on the 27th. All of the presentations are able to be viewed online by following the links provided below. Below you will also find a schedule for the day that lists all presentations, their tittles, times, and the presenter. Students have been working hard on these presentations for quite some time and your support is greatly appreciated!

April 27, 2016 12-7:30pm

Kari Solberg: 12-12:30pm: Discharge Educational Videos in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Danielle Cerwinske: 12:30-1pm: Reducing ICU Delirium

Nathaniel Wilson-Grady: 1-1:30pm: Improving Timely Pain Reassessment through Education and Peer Coaching

Denise Foss-Baker: 1:30-2pm: Fetal Demise Orientation

LuAnne Johnson: 2-2:30pm: Development and Implementation of a Head Injury Protocol for Schools

Ashley Altstadt: 2:30-3pm: Increase Successful Breastfeeding with New Mothers

Alison Lesteberg: 3-3:30pm: SMART Goals inthe Medical Home

Angela Cordner: 3:30-4pm: Improving the Float Process

4:4:30pm: Break

Amanda Turner: 4:30-5pm: Fluid Balance Documentation

Kayla Hertenstein: 5-5:30pm: Decision Tree in Jail Health

Crystal Holloway: 5:30-6pm: Holistic Based Interventions to Manage Negative Behaviors

Sarah Thacker: 6-6:30pm: Timely Initiation of Hospice

Briana Janssen: 6:30-7pm: Improving Patient Experience in Pediatric Cardiology

Rebecca Kjolberg: 7-7:30pm: Decreasing Readmissions in Mental Healthcare

Link to Presentations: https://mnscu.webex.com/mnscu/j.php?MTID=m3be039df4507b0cc78e699850facfa68




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