Earth Day: Trees for the Earth



earth day


Today is Earth Day and it is celebrated every single year in honor of trying to save the planet that gives us life. The theme this year is “Trees for the Earth”. In celebration of this day here are a few reasons why we need as many trees as possible:

More Carbon Dioxide Storage: The trees that are older are the ones that help store more carbon dioxide in the air. They do this by taking the carbon dioxide and storing it as wood fiber. The benefit of the trees is not just that they help minimize the carbon dioxide in the air (helping with less air pollution), but they can convert the carbon dioxide into water and oxygen and send it back out into the atmosphere.

More Jobs: Trees are cut down every year and used for various things: houses, paper, and firewood. Despite the benefits that trees provide themselves, they are also great for the economy. There are many jobs that rely on trees. If we were unable to cut any trees down our economic structure would be greatly impacted and many jobs lost. The trees are good for the economy but that does not mean that every tree should be cut down.

Water Storage: Like previously explained, trees can store a ton of water. The benefit that this creates is not just that trees release the water back into the atmosphere, but that trees can help during flood season! So when a city is experiencing drastic flooding, the trees are there to help. Instead of the water going into rivers, down hills, or directly into the town, the trees catch a lot of that water, thus minimizing flood damage.

The above are just a few of the benefits that trees provide but how can you help?

Here are a few ways that you can help plant trees:

  • Plant a Tree! It’s that simple, go out into your yard and give it life with a tree.
  • Start a petition to save trees in your city.
  • If a tree is being removed, ask why and then see if there are any tree protection laws that can save it.
  • Ask if the tree can be replanted elsewhere or in a wildlife habitat.
  • Make a donation to an organization that helps save or plant trees.
  • Tell everyone that trees are important and share the reasons why we need to keep the trees and plant even more!


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/2013/07/treebenefits.html, and



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