RN to BSN Capstone Presentations!


The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership would like to invite everyone to watch our RN-BSN Capstone Presentations! These presentations are put together by RN to BSN students who are taking Nursing 473 Professional Pathways which is taught by Barbara Matthees PhD, RN, CNE and Alicia Swanson, MSN, RN, PHN. Presentations start on the 22nd of April and run through the 27th. All of the presentations are able to be viewed online by following the links provided below. Below you will also find a schedule for the day that lists all presentations, their tittles, times, and the presenter. Students have been working hard on these presentations for quite some time and your support would be greatly appreciated!

April 22, 2016 9am-3pm

Carey Richards: 9-9:30am: Telehealth Enhancement Project

Oksana Perzhu: 9:30-10am: Improve Meter Cose Inhaler Technique

Jennifer Graham: 10-10:30am: Improving Mental Health Care for Children/Adolescents in the E.D.

Lindsey Meyer: 10:30-11am: Improving Discharge Education Materials

Ginger Wesbrook: 11-11:30am: Decreasing Anxiety and Stree in the Pre/Post Op Area

Barbara Gardiner: 11:30am-12pm: Improving Inpatient End of Life Experience

Jodi Larson: 12-12:30pm: CAURI Prevention in Long Term Care

Katelyn Swenson: 12:30-1pm: Improving Continuity of Care with Community Mental Health

Katie Ziminske: 1-1:30pm: Falls in Mental Health

Nikole Thein: 1:30-2pm: Quality and Safety for IDDM in the School Setting

Heather McNeill: 2-2:30pm: Communication Handoffs in the Surgical Setting

Sara Dukart: 2:30-3pm: Mantal Health Resource Flyer for Local Emergency Departments

Link to Presentations: https://mnscu.webex.com/mnscu/j.php?MTID=me5d256f25f39957f577bff8ea81da47b


April 25, 2016 9am-4pm

Bethany Bailly: 9-9:30am: Implementation of Sensitivity Training Using Virtual Dementia Tour

Katherine Olsen: 9:30-10am: Reducing Hospitalizations Related to Peritonitis Events

Jennifer Schneider: 10-10:30am: Car Seat Safety Education

Suzanne Masterson: 10:30-11am: Shared Medical Appointments

Cathy Woods: 11-11:30am: Discharge Checklist for Oncology Patients

Amanda Roerick: 11:30am-12pm: Workplace Safety for Home Visiting Nurses

Joseph Carter: 12-12:30pm: Decreasing Complication with the Tracheostomy and PEG Tubes

Jan Schuck: 12:30-1pm: Mentoring to Improve Staff Retention in Long Term Care

1-1:30pm: Break

Melissa Rubie: 1:30-2pm: Workplace Violence in the Emergency Department

Kimberlie Larson: 2-2:30pm: Improving Discharge Practices to Decrease Congestive Heart Failure Readmissions

Anneta Tangness: 2:30-3pm: Implementationof Electronic DISCUS/AIMS in Practice

Clarissa Schwartz: 3-3:30pm: Conversion from Short Acting to Long Acting Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents

Sheralyn Mattson: 3:30-4pm: Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Link to Presentations: https://mnscu.webex.com/mnscu/j.php?MTID=m3cad26a76df7e1fb9029952b0be65da9





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