Register for Fall/Summer Classes

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Have you registered for Fall/Summer classes yet? The spots are filling up fast and it is important to get the classes that you need and want before they are gone! In order to do this be sure to register on the eServices site located here: .

Once there, log in with you star ID and password, click on courses and registration, and click on search for a course. There you can pick whether you want to sign up for Fall or Summer courses and the subject you desire. To make things go faster, there is also the option to type in the course number or course ID. Make sure you hit the search button and a list of open classes will pop up. After you get here, click on the class you want to take and in the left hand corner there is an add button. After clicking the add button, you can go to “Review My Plan” under courses and registration and select the courses you want to take and click “proceed to register”. After this step, you will need to put in your star ID password one more time and you are all set to go. Congrats you signed up for classes! Can’t wait to see you this Summer/Fall!

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