Happy A’phabet Day


Most people around the wor’d know December 25th as Christmas Day, but there is another obscure ho’iday that occurs that day, A’phabet Day. A’phabet Day, or “No L Day” came about as a p’ay on the word “Noel” which is another word for “Christmas” or “Yuletide.”

A perfect way to ce’ebrate this ho’iday is to ‘eave the ‘etter “L” out of everything you write or maybe even say. It is a fun cha’enge to try. Make it a fun-fi’ed Ho’iday competition with a sweet reward for whomever wins.

DID YOU KNOW: spe’ing doesn’t matter. Our brains are capab’e of fi’ing in the b’anks, regard’ess of whether the words are spe’ed correc’y or not, as ‘ong as the fisrt and ‘ast ‘etters are in the correct ‘ocation. Did you catch the mistake?

PS: The song “The First Noel” would be hi’arious if it fo’owed this ho’iday, food for thought ;).

Happy Ho’idays!






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