International Migrant Day!

migrant day

On December 18th the United Nations invites all governments, organizations, and individuals to raise awareness of International Migration. These groups are encouraged to share information with all regarding the basic rights and freedoms of International Migrants. People are also welcome to share their experiences and contribute to the design of action plans to help migrants.

This day of observance was created by the UN, but a variety of organizations take part in events of the day. Groups that promote awareness on this day include Radio 1812, Amnesty International, The International Organization for Migration, and December 18. These groups and many others work to boost awareness of the plights of migrants. This day is also used by some to influence government into considering policies of legalization and migrant rights.

Recent research and data in a report from a Global Commission on International Migration has uncovered a variety of data and predictions. Each country in the world currently has a migrant population and international migration is expected to increase as a result of infrastructure and economic development. In the past 30 years the number of international migrants has jumped from 75 million to 200 million. This growth trend is expected to continue.

Origins of International Migrant day have been traced back to a variety of Asian cultures in the late 1990’s. On December 18th of 2000 the UN General Assembly declared the day International Migrant Day. To get involved or learn more about the cause visit the links below!


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