World Energy Day 2015!


World Energy Day is an education and awareness focused day. On this day countless people, companies, countries, and cities around the world are dedicating themselves to saving energy. Sustainability, conservation, and effectiveness are the main focuses of this day. These factors come into play in countless ways. City planning, electrical grid design, individual and public use are just a few areas to keep in mind when thinking about energy usage. Countless events are being hosted around the world today and a plethora of information is available to all. If you would like to do you part to help the initiative the first step is to take part in energy saving activities. These activities can be something as simple as turning a light off when you leave room. The steps taken by the public to conserve energy and focus on sustainability will also help with climate change. The efforts we make now will help future generations thrive for many years to come.

To learn more about what you can do or to learn more about World Energy Day please visit the link below.

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