Lupus Awareness Month, May 2015!


May is Lupus Awareness Month!

What is lupus?: Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. It is a disease of flares and remissions.

Some Facts about Lupus:

  • 90% of people who develop Lupus are women
  • Lupus most often develops between ages 15 and 44
  • Lupus is not contagious
  • An estimated 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people worldwide are living with lupus right now
  • The annual cost of lupus, including treatment and loss productivity can exceed $20,000 and can increase to $63,000.

How can you help?:

  • Host your own fundraiser in your community
  • Follow the Lupus Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Wear Purple
  • Put out Fliers

You can also go to this link and donate to the Lupus Foundation:

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