MSUM RN to BSN Graduate- Roberta Young, as the new CNE for Sanford Fargo!

Roberta Young is a long-term employee with 34 years of service to the organization and extensive experience in patient care, education and executive management.

She began her career at St. Luke’s Hospital in 1981 as an RN, charge nurse and preceptor in acute and intermediate cardiac care. Other positions she has held over the years include charge nurse/unit educator in PICU, coordinator of Consumer Health Education and Learning Services staff education, patient care manager on 7S Oncology, director of Medical/Medical Specialty units, Vice President of Cancer, Medicine and Palliative Care, and most recently, Vice President of Transitional Operations.

Roberta received a diploma in nursing from St. Luke’s School of Nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Minnesota State University Moorhead, and a master’s degree in nursing administration from  University of Mary. She is a champion for nurses and the nursing profession and currently serves as president of the North Dakota Nurses Association.


I am very pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Roberta Young as Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) for Sanford Fargo!

Among her many responsibilities and duties as Chief Nursing Executive, Roberta will continue to lead the operational transition to the new Sanford Medical Center, an area where she is already hard at work.  Clinical transition, workflow, patient relocation, staffing, policies and procedures, accreditation and licensure  and much more are being addressed.  Key on her agenda is involving physicians in the transition planning and making sure Sanford is and continues to be the best place to give and receive care.
Roberta will begin her new role April 20, 2015.

Congratulations Roberta and Good Luck as the new Chief Nursing Executive!


Sources: Paul Richards, president of Sanford Health Fargo.

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