World Health Day

world health day 2015

As we all know everyone needs food and more specifically safe food. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) safe food is defined as being free from microbes, viruses and chemicals. April 7th is World Health Day. This years campaign focuses on safe and healthy food. Unsafe food is the cause of over 200 diseases and up to 2 million deaths annually. The production, distribution, preparation, and consumption of food must all be considered. In modern society this is especially important to consider. The food you are eating could have come from the other side of the world and it is the responsibility of all people to take the proper steps in ensuring food safety. This includes the people who farm or produce the food, people who help in the transportation of food, those who work at the markets that distribute the food, all people who prepare food, and even those who consume it. Food is a major industry around the world that helps economies, boosts health, and assists in a safer environment. The WHO focuses on the global perspective of safe food. To see the steps WHO has taken, learn more about this topic, or see what you can do to help the cause please visit the link below. Explore the page and check out the World Health Day 2015 video.


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