MSUM Student Academic Conference


The 2015 Student Academic Conference here at Minnesota State University Moorhead will be held on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 in the Comstock Memorial Union building.

According to the history of the Student Academic Conference put together by Dr. Paul Kramer (Political Science) and Brian M. Card:

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Student Academic Conference provides student researchers from each of its colleges with the opportunity to present their work to faculty, administration, peers, and the general public in a formal academic setting. The Conference has grown exponentially over the past eight years to become one of MSUM’s most eagerly anticipated annual events.

The Conference was conceived in 1998 through the collaborative efforts of Political Science professor Andrew Conteh and his then student-assistant Ryan Sylvester, who envisioned a forum for students to present original research that would reflect the intellectual vibrancy of the MSUM community. As the format of the proposed Conference took shape, Dr. Conteh and Ryan jointly advocated its relevance to the University’s top administrators who expressed both excitement and support for the concept. The enthusiastic participation of both faculty and administration has been a hallmark of the Conference since its inception and remains perhaps its most obvious source of continued success.

The deadline to participate in the conference is Monday, March 2nd.

For further information, you can visit the Student Academic Webpage at


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