TAKE A BREAK (Fall Breather!)


Fall Breather this Monday the 13th

Tuesday the 14th is Faculty Development

for BOTH days there are NO CLASSES!!

Why do we have a fall breather you may ask?

The previous months all have something that kind of break up the weeks of straight school work, but nothing breaks up these weeks before Thanksgiving fall break (November 26-28th). Not only do we students need a break, but the staff enjoy it as well. It’s a day off, are we reallllly going to question a free day? 😉

If you will be staying on or around campus during fall breather the dining hours are posted in the following link: https://mnstate.sodexomyway.com/images/FallBreather_hours_tcm1130-34066.pdf

The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership will be closed during this time, but will be returning bright and early on Wednesday! If any questions arise, feel free to leave us a message on our phone or send us an email at: snhlsa@mnstate.edu

Fall breather should be a time for students (and faculty) to relax, refresh, get caught up, maybe visit friends or family, or just enjoy a nice fall day. Be ready to jump back into the books on Wednesday!

The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe fall breather!


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