Healthy Aging


September is Healthy Aging Month, an annual observance that is now over 20 years old and dedicated to showing the positive aspects of growing older.


According to Healthy Aging magazine, one important aspect of healthy aging is in part due to the fact that:

The numbers of people over 45 is growing every year. The attention used to be just on the baby boomers. The generation x-ers are elbowing their way in and have many of the same interests as the previous generation – stay active and vibrant as long as possible. There are over 76 million baby boomers today over 50 and the first of the 82.1 million generation x-ers are about to reach that milestone in 2015.

To “stay at your peak”, WebMD has these tips on how to go about aging healthily:

          1 . Get moving

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body and brain.

2. Stay social

Take a class, volunteer, play games, see old friends, and make new ones.

3. Bulk up

Eat beans and other high-fiber foods for digestive and heart health.

4. Add some spice

Add herbs and spices to your meals if medications dull your taste buds.

5. Stay balanced  

Practice yoga or tai chi to improve agility and prevent falls.

6. Take a hike

Brisk daily walks this September can bolster both your heart and lungs.

7. Sleep well

Talk to a sleep specialist if you don’t sleep soundly through the night.

8. Beat the blues

If you’ve been down for a while, see a doctor. Depression can be treated.

9. Don’t forget

To aid your memory, make lists, follow routines, slow down, and organize.

You can find more tips on healthy aging from WebMD at this webpage:

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Healthy Aging magazine has these 10 tips on reinventing yourself and improving your physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing at this webpage:


Finally, the US Department of Health and Human Services (through the Centers for Disease Control’s Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Division of Population Health)  recommends referring to their report The State of Aging & Health in America 2013, presenting the most current information and statistics on the health of older adults in America. This report is intended to show the health and aging landscape, and assist health programs with planning for and improving the way they deliver care to older adults. The report can be accessed here:


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