September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month here at MSUM

Congress unanimously created National Campus Safety Awareness Month in 2005, and since then the month of September has been devoted to having a focused conversation about campus safety issues and the ways we can resolve them.


This year, the MSUM Public Safety Department is sponsoring the following activities and events to contribute to that conversation here on campus:


Blue Light Scavenger Hunt. In an effort to educate students about our Blue Light Phones on campus we will be sending clues (every Wednesday via Twitter and Student News/Dragon Digest) about specific ones and hiding a token on the Blue Light. If a student finds the token they can bring it into Public Safety and win a prize.

Dragon Safety Walk. (September 10, 2014 8-9pm) This activity is designed to give administrators, faculty, staff and students the opportunity to walk through campus at night and document safety and security concerns (blue light placement, lighting in parking lots, visual obstructions, etc.) for future resolution.

Pub Crawl: Public Safety Style. (September 12, 2014 8-11pm) This is an interactive alcohol awareness program designed to allow student to learn harm reduction techniques when drinking. It is sponsored by Public Safety, Moorhead Police Department, Hendrix Clinic, Office of Student Activities, Greek Life, Intramurals, and the Office of Student Conduct and Resolution.


For more information about National Campus Safety Awareness Month, you can visit this webpage for the Clery Center for Security on Campus


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