MSUM Public Health Nursing Course Provides Communities with Important Benefits

Students from the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at MSUM are not only impacting communities across seas and engaging in cross-state health agencies and public health entities, but they are also providing important benefits for communities in Minnesota.

While enrolled in MSUM’s Public Health course, students developed and executed a diverse array of projects. Rebecca Rudel, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at MSUM, brings us these students’ stories:

  • One group of students developed a Teaching Project that addressed childhood obesity issues with 3rd graders in rural Minnesota. Childhood obesity has become an alarming issue; obesity in children “has more than doubled… in the past 30 years” (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2014) and continues to affect a large portion of the population. This project established physical activity breaks directly in the children’s home classrooms that required just 10-15 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Another group of Public Health students inspired a successful grant proposal and worked to situate an open enrollment after-school program in a rural Minnesota school. This program is scheduled to launch in fall, 2014. Part of this program is aimed at investigating nutrition and exercise education.
  • A team of students worked within their county to launch a full-scale emergency preparedness drill in a Southwest Minnesota community, effectively increasing the public’s ability to respond to emergencies.
  • A BSN student made an impact in the adult public housing arena in the twin cities metro area. She delivered a teaching plan about healthy food and drink choices and even inspired the re-vamping of vending machine choices in a high-rise housing environment.

Nica 2013 good pharm pic

The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership could not be more proud of its Public Health Nursing students! They exemplify the missions and goals of our program while proving to be invaluable assets to communities far and wide. We foresee more accomplishments like these in the upcoming school year and for years to come.


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