Nursing Ethics Course Offered This Summer!


Based on popular demand, Nursing Ethics (NURS 318) and Nursing Ethics Service Learning (NURS 490) will be offered this summer! These courses are perfect for any nurse that needs upper division credit, is interested in CEU’s for nursing licensure renewal or for anyone interested in nursing ethics. For more details log on to eservices, contact Tracy Wright, or view below:

Course Number:       NURS 318
Course Title:             Nursing Ethics
Course ID:                000207
Credits:                    3
Semester:                05/21/2014-08/05/2014
Faculty:                   Dr. Tracy Wright (
Modality:                 Online (D2L)
Online Meetings:      05/28/2014, 06/25/2014, and 07/23/2014
11 am- 2 pm (we meet online, not on-campus)

Course Number:        NURS 490
Course Title:             Nursing Ethics Service Learning
Course ID:                000209
Credits:                    1
Semester:                05/21/2014-08/05/2014
Faculty:                   Dr. Tracy Wright (
Modality:                 Online (D2L)
Online Meetings:      05/28/2014 and 07/23/2014
11 am- 2 pm (we meet online, not on-campus)

Some students take only NURS 318 (3 credits), some take only NURS 490 (1 credit), others take both courses (4 credits). Mix and match as needed to meet your upper division requirements!

Registration began March 10, 2014. Register as soon as possible to secure your seat in the course.

eServices link:


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