Minnesota Health Educator’s Conference


Involve, Revolve, Evolve – that was the conference theme for the annual MN Health Educator’s Conference in Brainerd last week. Four of the MSUM Nursing Faculty had privilege to attend.  Not only was the opportunity to learn and grow obviously critical, another benefit of Conference participation is of renewing friendships and making new acquaintances with fellow faculty across the state.

  • Ted Schick (Schick Corporate learning) was the dynamic keynote speaker who challenged the group to be agile leaders as nurse educators.  It was obvious he’d done important research on the nursing education for MN and across the country; he provided information about motivation that made all crave for more. We analyzed and learned about change as it applies and impacts our work as nurse educators with evolving technology, varied learning styles with students, funding challenges, and the ever-dynamic curricular requirements.
  • A predominant focus of the Conference was the ACES project (Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors) presented by the National League for Nursing by Dr. Elaine Tagliareni, RN and other ACE team members. In a series of sessions, they presented the essential actions of Assessing Function and Expectations, Coordinating and Managing Care, Using Evolving Knowledge, and Making Situational Decisions. We discussed new dimensions in geriatric syndromes and were provided with exemplars of fascinating case studies, first person monologues, simulation scenarios, and important info on care during the gerian’s transitions with care (vs. discharge plans).
  • The President of the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (N-OADN) provided a compelling presentation on how all of nursing MUST and WILL involve, revolve, and evolve as the sure normal for the future of healthcare.  As healthcare systems are evolving rapidly, the challenges they face have a strong impact on nursing. The challenge by the prestigious Institute of Medicine is that by 2020, 80% of the US nursing workforce hold a baccalaureate degree or higher. The OADN encourages the strong initiatives and partnerships to provide academic seamlessness for a higher educated workforce.
  • Keith Rischer of Keith, RN, Inc closed the conference with compelling conversation on transforming nursing education with an emphasis on clinical reasoning. We had opportunity to study clinical reasoning case studies and to create our own case study based on topic of choice/interest/teaching focus.
  • Finally, throughout the conference, MSUM was proudly represented in two Poster Presentations at the conference.  Shawn Meyer (MSN graduate in May) presented on Postpartum Hemorrhage Management in the Face of Change and Christy Cook, MSN (with Dr. Tracy Wright, Advisor) presented on Rural Northern MN Practical Nursing Students’ Health Promotion Practices.

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