Summer 2014 Courses


The School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership has a variety of courses offered over the summer. Make sure to check them out and sign up as soon as possible. Classes are limited and may be cut if not enough students register. A list of our Summer 2014 courses is listed below:

NURS 318: Nursing Ethics
NURS 342: Nursing Care of Diverse Populations
NURS 420L: Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging
NURS 473: Professional Pathways
NURS 490: Nursing Ethics Service Learning
NURS 605: Healthcare Quality and Aging
NURS 622: Teaching Technology and Information Management
NURS 627: Program/Curriculum Design and Evaluation
NURS 689: Thesis/Project Seminar 1
NURS 690: Topics in Nursing EducationNurse Educator Clinicals
NURS 691: Thesis/Project Seminar 2
NURS 698: Continuing Registration
NURS 699: Thesis (Plan A)

Health Services Administration:
HSAD 326: Applied Epidemiology
HSAD 420: Healthcare Policy and Payment
HSAD 469: Internship

Community Health:
COMH 403: Health Informatics
COMH 418: Global Health Issues
COMH 469: Internship

Masters in Health Administration:
MHA 614: Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations
MHA 669: Capstone I

More information about each of these courses can be found on eservices. Using your login information you  will be able to search for the courses listed above and read descriptions of the courses and even see which goal areas are fulfilled. Another place to learn more information is on our webpage: Click on the major you are in and view if any of the core requirements are offered. If they are offered this summer, you can read an in-depth description about the course by clicking on the red course number.


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