Fall/Summer Advising Is Approaching

Summer and Fall semester advising is approaching. Remember to sign up for a time with your advisor in advance to schedule your next semester. To check which classes are offered in the Summer of 2014 and the Fall of 2014, login to eservices and “Search Courses”. A list of advisors for the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership is provided below. Make sure to contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment.

Professor                       Email                                               
Barb Matthees:                matthees@mnstate.edu
Vicki Teske:                     teskevi@mnstate.edu
Pam Kirk:                        kirkpa@mnstate.edu
Tracy Wright:                   wrighttr@mnstate.edu
Jane Bergland:                 berglaja@mnstate.edu
Becky Rudel:                    rebecca.rudel@mnstate.edu
Terry Dobmeier:               dobmeier@mnstate.edu
Mary Rousslang:               rousslama@mnstate.edu
Nandita Bezbaruah:           nandita.bezbaruah@mnstate.edu
Melanie (Lonni) Schicker:   melanie.schicker@mnstate.edu



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