Community Health Courses Offered this Spring



Nandita Bezaruah, a professor in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at MSUM briefly summarizes the Community Health courses currently being offered.

Health Aspects of Aging:

This course is designed to provide an understanding about adult development and aging. The purpose of the course is both to provide a general introduction to the field of gerontology and specific focus on some aspects of aging behavior and aging process. This course is applicable to students with a background in Gerontology, Social Work, Health Services Administration (with a concentration in Long-Term Care) and the like.

Design and Evaluation of Community Health Program:

Design and Evaluation of Community Health Programs is designed to provide an overview of practical and theoretical skills needed to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs, especially community and public health programs. Students get a hands-on-experience in evaluating a health related project.

Women’s and Children’s Health:

The course will address the dynamic health status of women and children within the family, community and health care system. Emphasis will be placed on theories and principles which result in a foundation for critical thinking, application of research, and use of knowledge as it relates to caring for children and families from diverse cultures and environments. Students will develop an understanding of the status of women’s and children’s health with emphasis on nutrition, common diseases, and health indicators.


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