MSUM’s Student Healthcare Leadership Organization



The Student Healthcare Leadership Organization is made up of mainly Community Health and Healthcare Administration Services majors. However, the student Organization is open to all students interested in health. The organization on campus commonly reaches out to the community to volunteer.

Professor Nandita Bezbaruah gives description of the organization, “Student Chapter of Health Care Leadership (HCL) is a student led organization on campus. Membership is open to students majoring in Health Services Administration, Community Health or with an interest in health. The purpose of the organization is to develop and promote the skills necessary for effective leadership in health care organizations through interaction with professionals and strengthened association with peers.”

Recently, on November 27th, a group of students went to River Pointe; a senior care facility. While at River Pointe, students helped residents play Bingo by calling off numbers. The residents were extremely pleased that the students had made time to come visit them and were enthusiastic about the idea of the students returning.

Dakhwaz Gardi a student and member of the Student Healthcare Leadership Organization explained why volunteering in the community is so important,” It’s important for us because many students are planning to go into long-term care, as well as the others would like the experience. I believe it’s important for students who are going into long-term care to be exposed to the outside factors as well. Many of them won’t be in contact with the residents, but to have that experience is really important. The purpose of this organization is to develop those leadership skills through the interaction with professionals. Being exposed to people in this career will help us develop the skills for effective leadership.”

The Student Healthcare Leadership Organization plans to continue volunteering and recruitment in the Spring 2014 semester. All are welcome.


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