Apply for Graduate Nursing!

About us
Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Graduate Nursing Program offers a curriculum that is flexible, accessible, reputable, and accredited.

What makes MSUM different from other graduate nursing programs?
MSUM Graduate Nursing offers:
-Doctorally-Prepared Nursing Faculty experienced in master’s nursing delivery using online formats.
-Online orientation. No need to drive to campus.
-No GRE required for admission.
-Flexible programming including summer course offerings. Students can take as few as 3 credits per semester or up to 10 credits some semesters.
-Individualized progression (no need to progress as a co-hort).
-Online courses using Desire-to-Learn (D2L).
-Monthly live synchronous meetings via the Internet using Horizon Wimba (you attend from your computer not on-campus).
*Monthly meetings typically occur on the same day each month (usually Tuesdays or                 Wednesdays).
*Times for these courses rotate year-to-year. Some courses start as early as 7 am and some                 end as late as 10 pm.
-Academic and healthcare setting practica experiences near your home community.

Who can apply for the Grad Nursing program?
Applicants must have:
-BS or BA in Nursing from NLN or CCNE accredited university.
-Documentation of current unencumbered registered nurse (RN) license in the US.
-Cumulative local GPA (not including transfer credits) of at least 3.0 in undergraduate courses from institution awarding last nursing degree.
-Three letters of recommendation (2 professional colleague references, 1 personal reference)
-Flexible application process.
*MSUM accepts new students each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
*Although there are recommended application due dates, students may submit their applications at any time of the year.
-For full application information, visit the following website

What does the Grad Nursing program focus on?
MSUM offers a Master of Science with a focus on Nursing. Students choose between two emphases: (a) Nurse Educator or (b) Nursing Administration and Organizational Leadership Master’s degree.

The MS in nursing with emphasis in nursing education endeavors to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of nurse education, whether you are new to the field or have years of experience already. This degree explores the area of nursing education in academic settings and in healthcare settings. In addition, the program curriculum supports you in your preparation for the Nurse Education Certification (CNE) national examination, which is offered by the National League for Nursing.

The MS in Nursing with emphasis in Nursing Administration and Organizational Systems Leadership (NAOSL) program prepares early career and current nurse leaders at the graduate level in the areas of nursing and healthcare leadership. NAOSL program addresses the growing need for system-wide leadership within the healthcare industry. The program emphasizes increased depth of understanding of complex healthcare systems.

Who should enroll in the Master of Science in Nursing?
Nurse Educator Emphasis: Current or aspiring nurse educators. This can be individuals who want to make a career of teaching in academia (i.e., higher education institutions, high schools) or teaching in a health care setting (i.e., hospital nursing education departments, staff nurses who perform a great deal of patient education, public health nurses).

Nursing Administration and Organizational Systems Leadership Emphasis: Current or aspiring nurse leaders/managers/charge nurses/administrators/executives, practicing nurses, nurse educators, nurse researchers, advanced practice nurses, quality assurance/risk management/utilization review nurses.

How much is a Grad Nursing degree?
-For the latest graduate nursing tuition rates, go to
-Students can apply for financial aid. Keep in mind that full-time at the graduate student level is considered 8 credits for financial aid purposes.
-Many students are able to secure tuition assistance/reimbursement/waivers from their employers.
-Finally, some students are able to access scholarships (i.e., Sigma Theta Tau International, Minnesota Nurses Association).


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