Spring Registration Has Begun

Spring 2014 registration began on October 28th. Contact your advisor to receive an access code that will allow you to register. When you contact your advisor make sure to ask about the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership courses below.

Health Services and Adminstration ClassesHSAD 414: Health Services Planning  and EvaluationHSAD 418: Medical and Health Care   LawHSAD 419: Financial Management of  Health Care Organizations

HSAD 421: Long Term Care Administration

HSAD 469: Internship

HSAD 490: Topics in Health Services Administration: Internship Practicum Summer

Community Health Classes

COMH 301: Women’s and Children’s Health

COMH 401: Health Aspects of Aging

COMH 415: Design and Evaluation of Community Health Programs

COMH 469: Internship

COMH 490: Topics in Community Health: Internship Practicum Seminar

COMH 638: Health Information System

Nursing Classes

NURS 301: Transitions

NURS 303L: Family Health Nursing

NURS 342: Nursing Care of Diverse Populations

NURS 348L: Public Health Nursing

NURS 370: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

NURS 420L: Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging

NURS 450: Applied Pathophysiology

NURS 472: Leadership and Professional Development

NURS 473: Professional Pathways

NURS 497: Independent Study

NURS 604: Advanced Nursing Research and EBP

NURS 609: Advanced Pathophysiology: Concepts and Systems

NURS 610: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

NURS 612: Advanced Health/Physical Assessment

NURS 612P: Advanced Health/Physical Assessment Practicum

NURS 623: Nurse as Educator

NURS 641: Advanced Adult-to-Gerontological Health II

NURS 643P: Advanced Nursing Educator Practicum II

NURS 689: Thesis Seminar

NURS 698: Continuing Registration

NURS 699: Thesis (Plan A)

Masters of Nursing Classes

MHA 619: Applied Health Care Financial Management

Good luck with registration!

It’s a great day to be a Dragon!


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