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Fall 2013 Classes Have Begun!

It is a hot and steamy week this week as we get back into the swing of another semester for the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership at MSUM. We have a number of outstanding classes that begin this week!

Classes in Community Health offered this fall include:

  • COMH 200 Introduction to Health Promotion and Public Health
  • COMH 315 Health Agencies and Services
  • COMH 326 Epidemiology
  • COMH 418 Global Health Issues
  • COMH 469 Internship
  • COMH 490 Health Informatics
  • COMH 490 Internship Seminar

Classes in Health Services Administration this fall include:

  • HSAD 326 Epidemiology
  • HSAD 416 Health Services Management
  • HSAD 420 Health Policy and Payment
  • HSAD 469 Internship
  • HSAD 490 Internship Seminar

Classes in our online RN to BSN program this fall include:

  • NURS 301 Transitions
  • NURS 303L Family Health Nursing
  • NURS 342 Nursing Care of Diverse Populations
  • NURS 347 Transcultural Nursing
  • NURS 348L Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 370 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 420L Gerontological Nursing to Promote Successful Aging
  • NURS 450 Applied Pathophysiology
  • NURS 472 Leadership and Professional Development
  • NURS 475L Nursing Preceptorship
  • NURS 490 Controversy in Mental Healthcare
  • NURS 497 Independent Study

Classes in our graduate level Nursing Programs this fall include:

  • NURS 600 Theoretical Perspectives of the Discipline
  • NURS 603 Introduction to Research, Data Analysis and Informatics
  • NURS 606 Health Care Delivery Systems, Policy, Financing and Leadership
  • NURS 608 Transcultural and Social Perspectives
  • NURS 611 Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (P1)
  • NURS 627 Program/Curriculum Design and Evaluation
  • NURS 640 Advances Adult-to-Gerontological Health I
  • NURS 641P Advanced CNS Practicum II
  • NURS 642P Advances Nurse Educator Practicum I
  • NURS 689 Thesis Seminar
  • NURS 690 Topics: Nurse Educator Preparation II
  • NURS 698 Continuing Registration
  • NURS 699 Thesis (Plan A)

Classes in our new Master’s of Health Administration program include:

  • MHA 618 Health Care Law & Ethical Decision Making
  • MHA 620 Health Care Policy & Reimbursement

We are currently accepting applications for our RN to BSN program – enrolling Spring 2014. Deadline for Spring 2014 RN to BSN applications (all online): October 15th, 2013

Apply at: http://www.mnstate.edu/snhl/bsnadmission.aspx

We are currently accepting applications for our Master’s of Science in Nursing program (both the NED and the NAOSL emphases)! Application deadline: January 2, 2014.

Apply at: http://www.mnstate.edu/graduate/msinnursing.aspx

Get more information about all of our programs within the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership online at: http://www.mnstate.edu/snhl


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